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Selasa, 04 Januari 2011

Tips N Trick Play Mousehunt

Welcome to Mousehunt for Dummies!
This guide will (hopefully) aid you as you progress chronologically throughout the different areas of Mousehunt.

If you are reading this, it means someone awesome has linked you here-
and you take Mousehunt a little more seriously than the common people. 
In other words: you are like us.

We are Jonathan Chan and Justin Cheah, avid mousehunters who hate it when
new mousehunters get lost and end up abandoning the game.
(Jonathan: And i hate repeating myself over & over again whenever someone new plays this awesome game.)

Mousehunt is a truly entertaining application that has astounded us with both its logical simplicity and frustrating complexity.
(Justin: I, for one, am utterly impressed by the artwork of Mousehunt. It's actually what got me to start playing.)
(Jonathan: 5 stars. 'Nuff said.)

What's in it?
We will be giving lots of neat tips and tricks in this guide that have resulted from trial & error
on our part when we first started this amazing adventure.
Of course, you can play around and try different tactics to suit your style,
but this route has proven to be the quickest and most efficient way (for us) to level and progress in the game.

Whether you're here to power level or to slowly collect all different types of mice,
or even if you're a seasoned Mousehunter, we hope this guide will help you.

Bookmark us and use it as a handy reference! :)
The navigation box on the left should quickly bring you to all the important pages.
Remember to Link us to your friends who need help too.

Ready to get started?
Grab on to your (computer) mouse and lock your eyes to the screen.

Let's go.

      Newbie    Novice   Apprentice

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~o~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~o~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

There's no such rank!
We know. But before you continue, there's some stuff we want to tell you.
We highly recommend you read:
How to play  : Basic information on the way Mousehunt works.
Mousehunt Wiki : Starting Guide, Basic logic of the gameplay, Basic FAQs
(please, at least glance through them a bit).

This is so that you have the basic understanding of Hunting, Points and Progress.
(mouseover for brief descriptions)

So it begins!
Larry (yes, the knight with the moustache) will help you with
everything you need to build your very first weapon.

He will also train you on how to use the Hunter's Horn,
the most important thing in Mousehunt.

Setting up.
Basically how it works:
-trap      mouseover for description    bait-
Weapon | Base | Cheese
combines to affect your
Power, Attraction, & Luck.

*Power Bonus and Attraction Bonus further increases them according to their %

POWERGenerally the most important stat.
The higher the power, the more mice you'll be able to catch.
POWER TYPEOnly important after the rank of Master. Until then, ignore  this.
POWER BONUSIt increases your total power by a %. Therefore, only important at later stages.
Attract Rate is the chance mice in that area will cometo your trap.
Attraction bonus increases the chance that a mouse will come to you trap.
LUCK A very controversial stat. Generally, the more luck you have,
the greater the chance that you will catch a mouse that is actually too tough for your trap.
If your trap has luck, you have a chance to catch even the toughest mice.
Luck also affects your loot, but only by abit!
CHEESE EFFECTWhen you fail to attract a mouse to your trap, your cheese will occasionally go stale.
This is a random occurence when you fail to attract a mouse, and has nothing to do with how long you cheese has been there.

Larry will present you with a Wooden Base,
which is the first component of your weapon.

Wooden Base
Power: 35
Cheese Effect: Very Fresh
As you catch more mice and increase in rank, you'll find that more and more bases will become available to you.

You will receive 25 pieces of Cheddar cheese, you'll also be given a choice between two traps:

  • CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON.         
Instead of going through the whole blah-blah of statistics...
Let me summarize.
If you want POWER then choose the High Tension Spring.
If you want to ATTRACT more mice, then choose the Tacky Glue Trap.
It all comes down to your personal preference.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have already chosen one of the traps, don't sell/purchase the other!
You only need ONE of these.

Besides, you'll be upgrading your weapon quite soon,
and you'll have more opportunities to experiment with different set-ups later.

Tacky Glue Trap
Power: 70
Attraction Bonus: 40%
Luck: 2

We personally prefer the Tacky Glue Trap.
(Justin: because Jon is tacky. :P)
(Jonathan: -_-" )

Newbie   Novice   Apprentice

————~ ~o~ ~————


——————~ ~o~ ~——————

Justin: I hope your free 3 first horns caught you something nice!
If you caught something other than a White/Brown/Grey mouse, you're fairly lucky.
NOTE: Just so you know, clicking on the Mousehunt badge on the left
of your green  CAMP  button will open your Hunting Profile page.

I'll assume that you've at least read abit of the How to Play Guide
and a portion of the newbie guide above. You must be feeling
pretty blur right now, so thats where this guide comes in! Enjoy! =)

Enough, let's start already!
Okay, okay. Chill.
Here we go. This is where it all begins.

Your adventure begins here. Here in the Town..

The Traveler.
You're currently in the Town of Gnawnia
(an area), in Gnawnia (a region).
This is where you start the game.
You're allowed to travel to new areas and regions as you increase in rank.
No matter where you are in the game, Travelling to ToG is always free.

Your map (the full map) slowly gets bigger as you gain access to the new areas.
You'll also be delighted to know that the Menu bar's scenery (under your Hunter's Horn) changes according to your area.
your current one should be a boy and a girl and some greenery.

New areas are unlocked either by:
a) reaching a certain rank
b) getting a certain map piece to that area
c) both of the above

But more on that later.

    Visit the Cheese Shoppe & buy about 20 Cheddar cheese (or whatever amount that brings it to 40 cheddar).
    You'll note that there are other cheese available, but don't use them even if you can afford it.
    It's just not worth it, and Cheddar will do fine for now.

Jonathan: For those mathcraft freaks who are reading this, heres an explanation:
White/Brown/Grey Mice, often refered to as 'Coloured Mice' (no racial discrimination meant) give about 100-150 gold each (give or take).
Take a look at the table below:

As you can see, using Brie cheese will definitely incur a net loss of about 50-100 gold/coloured mouse.
Swiss cheese will allow you to breakeven or make up to 50% profit.
Marble cheese will allow you to make about 100%-150% profit
The best choice is Cheddar, where you make at least 1000% profit (10x profit).

You may or may not find yourself with some cheese called SuperBrie+.
This is a very special cheese that offers 99% attraction rate to a lot of the mice in the game.
Whatever you do, don't use your SuperBrie+ yet!
More info here.

Travel to Meadow (25g) & hunt there.
No, no Bella, no Edward; No Henry, no Clare.
Man, you guys are imaginative. The only thing that sparkles like Diamonds in the sunlight
is the Diamond Mouse. Geez.

You'll be seeing a lot of Coloured mice here. Get used to these.
The reason we asked you to use Cheddar is because of its cheap cost,
as you will immediately want to save up gold for new stuff.

  • FARM, FARM, FARM.        
You can actually hunt in the Town of Gnawnia too.
It's up to you, really. Travel is cheap.
Hunt until you have 650 points
and at least 1500 gold.
It shouldn't take very long.

This seems to be a good time to tell you about Trap Checks.

Trap checks?!
yes, Trap Checks.

Every hour*, the game automatically triggers a Trap Check.*
*(Click link for more detailed info)
Think of it as a free, automatic sound of the horn.


Continue hunting until you have 650 points and at least 1500 gold.
When you do, you are ready for your first upgrade.

Return to Town of Gnawnia (ToG). The trapsmith is located there.
Buy the Wooden Base with Target (1,225g) from the Trapsmith.
 (Don't forget to equip it if it isn't already equipped)
Wooden Base with Target
(Target Base)
Power: 75
Attraction: 20

It's a significant upgrade from your old base.
40 more power, and even some Attraction Bonus.
Since you're here, take some time to admire the other traps/bases.
Relax, we're here for window shopping.
Take good note of their price range and point requirements.

Yes, we know some of the price and points look ridiculously high.
Don't worry, you will be able to afford them someday,
we'll list them out later for you to choose then.
YOUR NEXT GOAL: save about 7,800 gold

Stock up. There is no cheese shoppe in Meadow.
Remember: Cheddar. Buy as much as you can afford,
but don't forget travel costs. (25g)
Return to the Meadow.

  • FARM (AGAIN)      
Continue hunting until you have 2,100 points and at least 7,800 gold.
When you do have enough, you are ready for your next upgrade.
Return to ToG.

  Visit the trapsmith. At your current stage, there will be 2 traps to choose from:

Wondering which to buy? Lets do a comparison:

DetailsMouse Mary O'Nette500 Pound Spiked Crusher
Points Needed:2,1002,100
Cost:6,250 gold3,450 gold
Power Bonus:010%
Attraction Bonus:6%0
Cheese Effect:FreshNo Effect

Which one?
As you can immediately see, The Mouse Mary O' Nette costs almost 3,000 gold
more for the same amount of power: 250
However, The Mouse Mary O' Nette has +6% Attraction Bonus AND additional +4 luck.
The Cheese Effect is also Fresh, which means you will see less Stale Cheese in your Hunter's Journal.
The 500 Pound Spike Crusher has a 10% power bonus. Do not be tempted by this stat.
Why? Because In this early game, the percentage of the power bonus does really little for you.

The Question: Is the Mary O' Nette worth the cash?
The Answer: Yes. These additional stats (especially attraction) prove to quite
crucial during an early game time such as this.

Mouse Mary O'Nette
Power: 250
Attraction Bonus: 6%
Luck: 5
Cheese Effect: Fresh

We chose the Mouse Mary O' Nette.
(again, don't forget to arm it if it isn't already)

I know you can't wait to start hunting again, but just one more thing:
You have your new weapon. It's also time for a new cheese!
If you are desperate for gold, you can sell your stock of Cheddar.
(otherwise, you can keep it. You will actually need some Cheddar later in the game)
Buy a suitable amount of (at least 30) Marble Cheese and arm it.
Your New Setup:
              Mary O' Nette      Target Base      Marble Cheese            

This should be your new setup.
It's up to you, really.
We suggest you hunt in the Town of Gnawnia, so you can stock up on cheese without
having to travel too much. This can really speed up your gold+points progress towards your next trap upgrade.

However, if you're feeling adventurous, you can opt to hunt in the Meadow now, and try to:
▪ Catch the rare Mole Mouse. (not easy!)
▪ Catch the Dwarf Mouse that sometimes drops Plankrun's Pages.
(Note: The Plankrun's Pages are NOT required for you to progress in MouseHunt)
If you've caught them, congratulations!
Lucky you.

If you haven't, don't worry.
You can go to the meadow and try to catch these rare mice AFTER the next trap upgrade too.

either way, it's hunting time.
Your next target is to save enough to get the Mouse Trebuchet.

  • GET ENOUGH GOLD and POINTS          
The next weapon you're aiming for will cost you 15,850 gold.
It will also require 11,000 points.
The figures look kinda steep, huh.

I guess this is as good a time as any to tell you about Trap Help Programmes.

Trap Help Programmes
Mousehunt is not an old game.
There are many many players before you, and some of the more generous
ones have set up groups and communities that will help newer Mousehunters like you along your way.

One of the most useful purposes of the groups is its TRAP HELP PROGRAMME.
These programmes sponsor you set amounts of gold as a gift
towards helping you purchase a trap faster.
There is no need to return the gold.

Each of these programmes come with their own rules and requirements
that must be followed accordingly in order to receive the gold and the help.

(Click link for more detailed info)

Think of it as free financial aid/gold sponsorship.
respect and appreciate them.

At this time,you may want to make use of the Trebuchet Trap Programme.
Just make sure you meet the requirements and follow the instructions.
If your application gets approved, it'll be a huge bonus towards your progress.
You can get your trap much sooner.

And the Stone base?
Stone Base
Power: 150
Power Bonus:10%
Cheese Effect: Fresh
Don't buy it.
We are skipping the purchase of the Stone Base.
Why? Because just like the 500 Pound Spiked Crusher,
the Power Bonus isn't worth the gold right now.
And you need Attraction more than ever.
Using the Stone Base will result in many "Fail to Attract"s (FTA).
Your Target Base will do just fine.
(Note: You can pick this up at later levels if you want to)
Keep on hunting.

When you have enough gold, head back to ToG.
It's that time again.

  Visit the trapsmith.
Purchase the Mouse Trebuchet(15,850g, 11,000 points)

Power: 600
Power Bonus: 2%
Attraction Bonus: 4%
Luck: 1
Cheese Effect: Very Fresh
Your new setup:
Mouse Trebuchet     Target Base       Marble Cheese  

This should be your new setup.
Stick with Target Base and Marble Cheese for now.

The Explosive base?

Don't buy it YET.
We won't be buying the Explosvie Base BEFORE our next weapon.
The Swiss Army Mouse Trap

Keep hunting and watch your progress bar.
In case you didn't know, hovering your mouse over the bar shows the percentage of your progress.
Remember: Points do not directly increase your progress.
Instead, constant activity, horns, and streaks of catches will increase it significantly.

* * * * * * * * * *

I am quite sure you will reach Apprentice before having
enough to purchase new components for your setup.

Newbie   Novice   Apprentice 

——————~ ~o~ ~————


————~ ~o~ ~——————

Justin: Congrats on the new rank!
It didn't take as long as you thought now, did it?

Jonathan: Congratz! But don't get your bubbleh out
too early. Read the below before celebrating.

Dear adventurer, you will now be leaving the sanctuary of ToG & the Meadow.
Please, be warned.
Mice in other locations can & will steal either your cheese, gold, or points.
We term this pesky phenomenon as 'Red Boxes', the bane of
all MouseHunters out there.

"Proceed with caution. You have been warned
But before that...
Now that you've graduated from being a Novice,
you get access to some nifty features that you couldn't use before, i.e.
Trading, Giving To Friends, Crafting & Tournaments!
(Justin: you should head over to MHWiki to read up on these)
You also get to collect all those stale cheese,
which now nicely goes into your inventory.

Now move along...

You're still going to be using Marble Cheese, for now.
Trust us, you want to minimize costs.
(Jonathan: Yeah, just think of the price tag on the SAMT *sweats*)
  • STOCK UP.       
Buy a minimum of 100 Marble Cheese & travel to the Harbour (529g).
It's important to note that the
Harbour does not have a Cheese Shoppe OR a Trapsmith.
(Justin: In fact, only ToG has a Cheese Shoppe and Trapsmith in this region)

Thank God! A new area!
Breathe in the salty sea breeze and enjoy the new view.
There's some new mice here. But also lots of old ones.

So, what's our next move?
For now, continue using your
trusty Trebuchet/Target Base/Marble Cheese setup.

Man, look at those evil glowing eyes.
Max Points: 285
Min Gold: 526

Alright, there's one particular Granite running about in the Harbour,
and you HAVE to catch it, because it drops the
Whisker Woods Clearing Map Piece.

My first map piece?!
Yes. Map pieces reveal new areas on your travel page.
You need this particular map piece
to access Whisker Woods, first area of the next region: Calm Clearing.
With this map piece, Whisker Woods will be accessible
once you reach the Journeyman rank.
(Note: You may not get the map piece from your
1st Granite in the Harbour. Keep hunting & it'll come soon)


Swiss Army Mouse TrapPower: 1,200
Power Bonus: 2%
Attraction Bonus: 2%
Luck: 10

The next amount you are aiming for are70,300 gold and 45,500 points

We are aware that it's alot.
However, you will notice that there are less coloured mice here,
and lots more Dwarf/Steel/Bionic Mice.
This means your gold will increase at a faster rate.
(Remember! the Trap Programmes can be a great help)

Please make sure you have some additional gold to also
stock up on cheese and to travel

When you finally have enough, travel back to ToG.

Your New Setup:
Swiss Army        Target Base       Swiss Cheese

Purchase the Swiss Army Mouse Trap (70,300g)
This should be your new setup.Yes, that's right, Swiss Cheese!
(Jonathan: Swiss cheese goes best with the Swiss Army!)
Lose your Marble.
Sell all your Marble Cheese, and buy Swiss Cheese from now on.
Keep your spare cheddar, but don't buy any. Don't ask 'why' just yet.
(Justin: Learn to trust us.)

Travel back to Harbour and continue hunting with this new setup.
You should have little trouble catching just about any mice here now.
Don't hurry. Enjoy the gentle ascent of your gold and points.

Wait! Isn't there another base I haven't bought?
Yes, there is.
Collect enough gold
Head back to the Town of Gnawnia, and buy the Explosive Base.
Power: 300
Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Cheese Effect: Stale

Your New Setup:
      Swiss Army       Explosive Base     Swiss Cheese     

The Explosive Base is currently the most powerful base available for sale.
It gives 300 Power.
It also helps to maximize the power of your weapon by providing a Power Bonus,
while also maintaining a reasonable attraction level.Don't worry too much about the stale effect. You'll need lots of stale
cheese later on.
This setup will last you for a pretty long time.
Head Back to the Harbour.
It's time for a sweep!

Keep hunting & collecting gold/points. The SAMT/Explosive/Swiss combo should net you
quite a number of Pirate Mice (hopefully!).
You'll definitely be seeing many more catches and very few red boxes.

Your progress bar should also be coming along really nicely now.
A bunch of dwarf/steel/bionic,
And before you know it -
you'll hit Journeyman.

But wait!!
Before leaving the Harbour,
you need to visit the Harbour General Store.
Buy these items before leaving Harbour.
(Total Cost = 25,156g)

These will be some of your ingredients for your first crafting attempt.
(Don't worry, that comes later. Much later.)
After you've bought them, check for any last minute things you'd like to do here,
  (e.g. catch a mouse you haven't yet.)
But you should have caught all
or almost all of the mice in the Harbour by now.
If you haven't, we don't really recommend you hang
 around for a mouse you can catch elsewhere later anyway.

————————~ ~o~ ~————————

————————~ ~o~ ~————————

Jonathan: Woot! You're a Journeyman now, so be prepared to travel
in search of more mice to add to your collection. Lots of new mice, &
perhaps, just perhaps, you might spot a Sasquatch, or one of its
distant relations. Now pack your knapsack & don't forget
to read the instructions below before moving on!

lol, Sasquatch.
Congrats on reaching another rank!! And thanks for staying with us.
Your mice collection should be coming along nicely;
The experiences so far has surely helped you get a better feel of the game.
As a Journeyman, you will begin to see rarer mice, and a bunch of new ones!
Don't stop now, lots of cool stuff are now coming along as you progress!

The Journeyman rank is where you find yourself with lots more freedom to play around.
TWO NEW AREAS have been unlocked for you:
(provided you have the Whisker Woods Map Piece)

We recommend that you head over to the Mountain first.

There are many reasons for this. But i'll just name 3.
Firstly, you HAVE to hunt for a new map piece.
Secondly, i'm sure you want to spot a rare & elusive mouse (if it exists).
Thirdly, it makes sense to finish up the last area within the Gnawnia region before moving on.
Preparing for the Mountain
Don't get too excited just yet.
Before heading there, we must make our preparations.
As usual, go back to The Town of Gnawnia.

A 'Force'ful decision..
Welcome to the first crossroad in our guide:
choosing whether or not to purchase a weapon.
There is no straightforward answer...
(Jonathan: Trust us, there isn't.)

The NVMRC Forcefield Trap
NVMRC Forcefield Trap
Power: 2,350
Power Bonus: 12%
Attraction Bonus: 10%
Luck: 12
Cheese Effect: No Effect

~----------------------------------: SHORTCUT :------------------------------~
For those lazy people who just wants a quick answer to this dilemma
& refuse to read our explanations,
skip the big debate by clicking
Jon's Rule of Thumb.

(Which is just a couple of scrolls down. If you clicked it, you're prolly REALLY lazy)

The Big Debate

Now, it is very obvious that the NVMRC Forcefield Trap is a very powerful weapon.
It's stats are far superior to your SAMT, and its 12 Luck and 12% Power Bonus even gives
it a slight edge over the more expensive Mouse Deathbot.
But hold on. It's 256,400g!
Think twice before purchasing it!
(even if you can afford it.)

Remember the Power Type stat?
You see, so far, all the mice we have encountered are Physical Mice.

(Justin: except the Dwarf and Ninja, who are Tactical Mice.)
However, in a little while AFTER you finish your Journeyman rank,
we will begin facing different TYPES of mice;
Namely: Shadow-Type Mice.

These mice will require a specific weapon unlike any we've seen so far:
A Shadow-Type Weapon.
(Jonathan: Cool, eh?)
This Shadow-type weapon will also cost you about 150,000 gold.
At that same time, you will need to spend gold
to convert a special type of cheese,
which we will talk about later.

So, choose.
Here's what it all comes down to.
We'll try to summarize it.

Use the Force, Luke.

If you buy the NVMRC Forcefield Trap (FF) now (256,400g),
Be prepared to spend quite some time hunting to save up another 200,000+ gold.(to regain the amount you spent) You may later find yourself at Master, but lacking the gold needed to proceed.
However, right here and right now, you'll be hunting with really a powerful weapon-
which gives you an overall better catch rate at the moment, which means more gold/points.
Depending on your luck and catches, this route may be faster or slower as compared to using the SAMT.
(And the NVMRC is a pretty good physical weapon to have in your inventory later as well)

I'm in the Swiss Army!
If you prefer, you can still stick with your trusty SAMT. This will save you a ton of gold and a chunk of your time.
You'll probably end up with your Shadow Type Weapon sooner.
Your SAMT isn't too shabby at dealing with the mice you meet here as a Journeyman.
You'll make it through, of course, but you'll encounter less catches and see more red boxes
compared to using the NVMRC FF.
You may also have a tougher time catching the more powerful mice.
(such as the Abominable Snow Mouse from the Mountain)

It's entirely up to you.
(Justin: i skipped it, Jonathan bought it. We both did fine.)
(Jonathan: It worked well for me, but then again, its one of my fav traps. So i'm biased.)

   Jon's Rule of Thumb
If you can get 256,400g BEFORE 25% Journeyman,
buy the NVMRC FF.
If not, forget about it.


No Regrets.
whether it's the NVMRC FF or SAMT:
Whatever you decide, make sure you enjoy your decision.
Buy about 100-200 Swiss Cheese. Get more if you can afford to.
(Jonathan: I strongly recommend more swiss)

  •   HIKE TO THE MOUNTAIN        
When you feel you're ready,
travel to the Mountain via this route:

ToG -> Meadow -> Mountain (981g)

North of the Town of Gnawnia and the Meadow, on the outskirts of Gnawnia, lie the Mountains.
Here you will find less of the common mice, and a few rare ones....

Your current setup

  ?????????         Explosive Base     Swiss Cheese

Equip the NVRMC FF or SAMT as your weapon,
with the Explosive Base,
and armed with Swiss Cheese.

  We hope you aren't too tired after climbing Mouse Everest!
Its time to enjoy the new view! Set down your bags, inspect your trap, and start camping.

What's New..?
You'll be thrilled to know that there are fewer coloured mice here in the mountains.
Instead, you'll see alot more Dwarf/Steel mice, as well as Gold/Diamond mice.
These should all contribute nicely towards your progress and your earnings.

However, there are two mice of importance to note in this area:
The Ninja Mouse and Abominable Snow Mouse.

Ninja Mouse Max Points: 2,750
Min Gold: 351

Abominable Snow Mouse
Max Points: 1,750
Min Gold: 1,751
Mountain Ninjas?!
You would probably have come across Ninjas in the Harbour.
But the Ninjas up in the Mountain are different.
They drop the Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece,
which unlocks the Laboratory (Lab),
(a new area in a new region called Burroughs)
accessible when you hit the rank of Master.

Note: This map piece is necessary for progress.
If you find yourself being pelted by snowballs,
you probably have stumbled upon a very rare
& elusive breed of mice, whose name itself
is deemed a legend (or a myth, by unbelievers).
The Abominable will not be caught without a fierce struggle.

Note: Not catching the Abominable will not affect your progress in the game
(Jonathan: But its a really cute & adorable mouse, you won't regret catching it!)

Your most pressing goal is to get the Burroughs Laboratory
Map Piece from the Ninja Mouse.

In the midst of tracking that pesky Ninja,
you will spot  plenty of Mountain Dwarves.
Curiously, some of them seem to be carrying pieces of..planks?

Splintered Wood
They're actually called Splintered Wood.
You will need 4x Splintered Wood by the time you get to the next rank.It would be great if you manage to get some pieces of these wood here.
These will be used to craft a new base when you turn Master.
(Note that collecting wood will not be as easy as you imagine.)
Wait! Don't fret.
We don't expect you to get ALL FOUR pieces in the Mountains.
You will soon meet another mouse that drops the same Splintered Wood,
albeit at a slightly higher drop rate - and in a different location.

(Jonathan: Kudos if you guessed Calm Clearing! The Treant Mouse there drops Splintered Wood too!)

In the meantime, just treat any splintered wood drops here
 as icing on the cake. Focus on the Ninja.

Once you get the Lab map from Ninja, it is time for you to
bid farewell to this Mouse Everest.
If you have yet to catch the Abominable, you can choose to
hang around longer, or to come back later.
When you feel like you're done, its time to break camp & pack up.

Quickly head over to ToG to replenish your supplies.
(Justin: Don't you just love how travelling to ToG is always free of charge?)
Buy at least 300 Swiss Cheese. As usual, get more if you can afford to.

When you've finished your business in ToG, travel to Calm Clearing (CC), via:

ToG -> Meadow -> Calm Clearing (1,576g)
Exciting, isn't it?
We're finally leaving Gnawnia!!

Some time ago, people discovered travel to Whisker Woods by heading towards Southwest
from the noisy bustle of the Town of Gnawnia, and dipping down a path from the Meadow.
Going down a tiny, dusty trail, you find yourself amidst a quiet, peaceful forest.
A glowing rock lies in the center of a serene clearing. It seems almost magical,
and many mice seem to thrive around the boulder.

Welcome, Mousehunter, to the Calm Clearing.

Prepared to be completely thrilled during your first hour in the Calm Clearing.
Almost every mouse is a brand new one that you've never seen before!
(Justin: I was absurdly happy seeing all the new mice. It breathed new life into my mundane collection)
Your current setup

         ??????       Explosive        Swiss       

Your setup should be the same as before.
Equip NVRMC FF or SAMT as your weapon,
with the Explosive Base,
and baited with Swiss Cheese.

Spend a little while enjoying all your new catches.
Most of them are pretty funky and bizarre looking, and some are really cute.
You'll notice that the gold and point range is fairly wide,
ranging from the low hundreds to even a few thousand.

Sooner or later (and we hope sooner),
you will come across a Treant Mouse.
Treant Mouse
Max points: 1,300
Min. Gold: 601
Loot: Splintered Wood
A brown mouse amongst all the green stingy ones..
Okay. What is so important about this mouse?
Besides being slightly more rewarding than the basic mice in the Calm Clearing,
These mice drop Splintered Wood.
(Justin: you may notice we mentioned this earlier - IF you have been paying attention.)
(Jonathan: A Treant is VERY welcome sight. I was pretty sick seeing green mice, green leaves, green everything)
Remember: You need 4x of these to craft a new base when you turn Master.
This is a good place to finish collecting all four pieces.

Keep an eye out for the Cyclops.
Cyclops Mouse
Max points: 2,800
Min. Gold: 2,801
One of the hardest mouse to catch in the Calm Clearing is the Cyclops.
However, when you eventually do, it rewards you with quite a bit of gold and points.
Most of them (not all) also drop a Map piece:
the Great Gnarled Tree Map piece.

It opens up the next area in the Whisker Woods region on your travel page,
yet this area won't be accessible until you reach the rank of Master.
Yes, this means the map piece isn't absolutely necessary at this point of progress,
but if you get it now then you won't have to come back here later.

So..just get it.
  I'm fairly certain that Calm Clearing gives you faster progress
than the Mountains in terms of reaching the next rank.

During your stay here, I hope you manage to snag a decent amount
of Shaman Mice, which give you quite abit of gold;
and Treant Mice, which give you quite abit of points.
(Note: you may occasionally get attacked by Eagle Owl mice or Foxy mice.
Don't worry. You'll get your revenge later in other areas, with better traps.)

When your progress bar finally reaches the end,
and that 99% jumps back to 0%

You're ready to move on.

  ————————~ ~o~ ~————————

————————~ ~o~ ~————————

Jonathan: Alright, you've earned yourself a respectable rank: ~Master~
I hope you enjoyed the hike in the Mountain &
the picnic in Calm Clearing, because your holiday
ends here. Steel yourself as you enter the
darker world of MouseHunt...

Justin: Master. This is where you really begin to explore the marvel of Crafting;
where you begin converting cheese and imbuing potions, and where mice loot becomes so important.
It is where you understand the true meaning of Red Boxes and frustration.
Relax. It's also the rank where you become really rich.
Well, much richer than you've every been so far, anyway.

More this and more of that
More places, more mice, more cheese.
Everything a person of your rank would expect.
That...& more. :)
But, first..Before we head off to the new Region, we have to prepare for it!
Head back to the Town of Gwania. Yes, it's that time again.

Buy about 300 Swiss Cheese.
This should be enough to last you through your next stint.
When you're done, get ready-
We're about to craft your first item.

The art of crafting
Crafting is a very crucial aspect of Mousehunt.
In the later part of the game, you will be crafting all sorts of
weapons, bases, cheese, and even a ship!

The logic is pretty simple. You gather (loot, buy, etc.) ingredients
and plop them into your crafting tabs (on your crafting page).
By combining these ingredients, you will produce something new.

Be warned, though!
If you try to craft a recipe that requires you to use the red crafting box on your page,
you may fail at the combine, & lose all your attempted ingredients!
(Note: The rest of your ingredients not used in that recipe stays safe)

With each increase of rank, you earn an extra tab to help you craft successfully.
Therefore, you'll be able to craft items requiring more ingredients as you increase in rank.
(Justin: be patient. We're in the midst of writing a kickass crafting guide with all the recipes.)

The ingredients are as follows:
Dehydration Base Blueprintsx1
Salt x213
Splintered Wood x4

Using the ingredients that you bought in the Harbour
& the wood you collected in your previous travels, you
will get to craft a new base, the Dehydration Base.
(If you haven't bought them, get them now)

Dehydration Base
Power: 225
Attraction: 5%
Luck: 4
Cheese Effect: Insanely Fresh

You'll immediately notice that the Dehydration has less power than the Explosive Base.
This has to be some sort of mistake, right? No.
The Deyhdration was created for two purposes.
Luck and Cheese Effect.

Huh? Explain, please...
Simple. At this stage, we will need the Dehydration Base's
Luck stat to augment our setup so that we get better loot.

Furthermore, calculations prove that at this stage & in this area,
the Dehydration Base outperforms the Explosive Base.
(Yes, even with its lower power)
(It is still one of your most important bases)

Dehydration vs. Explosive
Higher chance of mice you catch dropping loot: Dehydration Base
Higher power; Better chance of getting stale effect: Explosive Base

We'll discuss about the Cheese Effect some other time.
However, take note that we will need to pay more attention to that effect
pretty soon.

It's time for a new region again!
This time we're heading further north, to Burroughs.
Travel to the Laboratory (Lab) via:

ToG -> Meadow -> Lab (3,015g)

Far North beyond the mountains lie the Burroughs Laboratory.
The high, eerie building seems to almost reach the sky - and the building itself emanates with a strange blue glow..

The story is exactly as you'd expect: Experiments inside go horribly wrong and new breeds of mice now overrun its' grounds.
Years ago the people inside abandoned the lab, seeking refuge in whatever way they could....

Your current setup

   ????????    Dehydration Base  Swiss Cheese

Equip the NVRMC FF or SAMT as your weapon,
with your new Dehydration Base,
and bait it with Swiss Cheese.

I'll be honest with you.
We'll be here for awhile.

Okay, I know the title says it all...
But here's some more info for you fanatics.

RB potions?
yes, that's short for Radioactive Blue Cheese Curd Potions.
And we need at least 35 of them.THE MORE THE BETTER.
You'll be pleased to know that most of the mice drop them.
And with your Dehydration Base, the drop rate seems decent enough.
When we say decent, we mean fair. It will take about 5 days to a week (or maybe a bit more) to
get to the amount of potions that we need.
Like I said. We'll be here for awhile.

While farming here, you'll see some new mice.
Be warned that these new mice will get really boring really quickly.
Here at the lab, patience is the key. The potions will come.
(Justin: It's really strange - most people notice that the potions come more from Trap Checks than the horn...But it may be a myth.)

Why do we need them!??
If you read the potions' description, you'll discover that RB potions
are used to convert cheese into...Radioactive Blue Cheese.
(Justin: painfully obvious, but it had to be said.)
(Jonathan: /facepalm)

You see, there is another area here in the Burroughs later called the Mousoleum. (Moz)
If you've been following our guide, you will remember that we briefly mentioned the Shadow Mice Type
and the need for a Shadow Trap. These mice dwell in the Moz.
And the only cheese that attracts them are...GUESS WHAT:
Radioactive Blue Cheese.

So basically, you are here in the lab to gather the potions to convert them into cheese to be used later.
And that's that.
Alas! You need a map piece to find your way to The Mousoleum.
But what is the 2nd Map piece?
The Town of Digby is another area here in the Burroughs.
You have to get this map piece before going to the Moz because the Shadow Trap
that we need for Moz is sold only in the Digby Trapsmith.

The Mice who drop them

Zombie Mouse Max Points: 2,700
Min Gold: 2,701

Dwarf Mouse
Max Points: 225
Min Gold: 451
Mousoleum Map Piece
  The Key to the Town of Digby

Failure at Attraction..?
Using Brie Cheese here in the lab gives you better Attraction rates, but will likely result in
overall poorer returns.

A quick reminder: we still need the gold to purchase the Shadow Trap from Digby, which costs 140,600.
Also note that converting RB potions requires spending gold.

Get me out of here!!
Sick of the laboratory and its mutated misers?
I know I'm repeating myself, but-
Before you leave, make sure you have:

1. At least 35X RB potions.
2. The Mousoleum Map Piece
3. The Key to the Town of Digby
4. About 200,000+ gold

If you do, then you're done with the Lab!
...for now.
(Justin: *evil laugh*)
There's some stuff you need to do before Moz. It's a bit more preparation than usual.

Follow these steps.
First, travel to the Town of Gnawnia.

Buy 300 pieces of Brie Cheese.
That's right, we're upgrading our cheese!
Besides, You cannot convert Swiss Cheese with RB potions.
You'll be slightly bummed about it being double the price of Swiss, but you'll live.
And the Moz will definitly restore your finances. and then some.
(Jonathan: It'll more than restore your finances, trust me)

Now to get our new weapon.
Travel to the Town of Digby via this route:
ToG -> Meadow -> Digby (281g)

When the mice of the Burroughs overran the laboratory,
the resourceful scientists created a fortified subterranean city.
Unfortunately their creations proved to be just as resourceful and soon infiltrated the city.

Yadda, yadda.
Like we said, the reason we're here is to get your new weapon.
Buy the Sinister Portal Trap (140,600g)
Sinister PortalPower: 1,025
Power Bonus: 5%
Cheese Effect: Stale
Power Type: Shadow
A Shadow Type weapon. Yes, we know that the power is "only" 1,025.
But let it be known that it will nail you, erm..well, shadow mice.
If you use a trap more with more power than the Sinister Portal (e.g. NVMRC FF)
against a Shadow type mouse, you'll get a message that says:
"Your weapon was less effective against this mouse."

That's just the way it is!

What about the other Shadow traps?
This one does better, catches more mice, and is more value for money.
And that's that.

It's time to put the weapon to use.

Travel to the Mousoleum via:

Digby -> ToG -> Meadow -> Mousoleum (1,416g)

The scientists of the nearby Laboratory would often come to the Mousoleum
to harvest 'spare parts' for their various creations.
This grim hunting location is now haunted by spirits of slain mice.
The mice of this location seem almost unable to resist radioactive cheese.

see? told ya.
It's time to convert your cheese with the Radiaoactive Blue Potions that you farmed in the lab.

As a Master, ONE RB Potion wil convert 10 Brie into 10 RB
at a cost of 300g per piece (3,000g for 1 potion).
NOTE: Convert it AS and WHEN you need it as it will cost you a bomb
to convert ALL your 35 or more potions into RB Cheese all at once.

(Jonathan: For now, at least)

Current Setup:

Sinister Portal       Explosive     Radioactive Blue Cheese
We warned you!
The Mousoleum isn't supposed to be easy, and there will be alot of  red boxes .
But overall, there will be more catches than misses.
But financially, your gold will begin to skyrocket into the hundreds of thousands,
not to mention your points.

Stale RB Cheese becomes Radioactive Sludge.
Radioactive SludgeThis toxic waste is the result of
radioactive blue cheese turning stale

You will need 20x Radioactive Sludge soon.Usage: We will be combining them with the Venus Mouse Trap
 to craft the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap, a Tactical trap
that you need during Grandmaster.

Collecting RB Sludge.
You can collect them slowly (by chance) or force them to
appear more often depending on your Cheese Effect.

  Explosive Base : more chance of staleness  Deydration Base: less chance of staleness

However, for now, they won't come as quickly as you like anyway.
Don't worry. You can still farm for it later in other areas where RB cheese doesn't attract that many mice.
But that would take up some unnecessary time.
Just keep in mind that you need 20 by the time you reach Grandmaster.

Getting your next Map piece is going to be a really difficult task. It won't be as easy as before.
You need to obtain a Shredded Furoma Map Piece from a Lycan Mouse:

Lycan MouseMax Points: 9,250
Min Gold: 5,501

Catch Rate Estimates tell us that with your current setup
you have about
chance to catch the Lycan Mouse.
But you have to! So...Good Luck.
If you get it early, you're really lucky!
We know of friends who get it around 70-80% Master.
Justin: but some friends got it on their first 2 hours in the Mousoleum.
(Jonathan: Yeah, me.)
Just a side note: The Shredded Furoma Map Piece is also dropped
by the Mole Mouse in the Town of Digby, albeit at a much lower drop rate.

Just another side note: If you are really struggling to get Lycans to
come to your trap, you can try crafting Moon Cheese. This
 special crafted cheese attracts more Lycans to your trap.
Level until Grandmaster, & try to obtain 615,000 gold in the process.

It's not that much actually, considering even a Ghost Mouse gives
about 3000+ gold per catch, and they're quite common!
And a Ravenous Zombie gives you about 5,000+ gold.

Show me the money.
If you run out of RB cheese or if you get really sick of the Moz
(very unlikely, since it rakes in tons and tons of gold & exp for you)
you can:
1. Go back to the lab and collect more RB potions and continue hunting in the Moz
2. Travel to the Great Gnarled Tree in Whisker Woods and collect some new mice

You can also continue to farm your Radioactive Sludge until you have 20 in any
region outside of Burroughs (preferrably ToG!) with your setup that produces the stalest Cheese Effect.
(Justin: If you've followed our guide the stalest would be the : Sinister/Explosive/RB combo)

Early Mutation.
If you find yourself already with 20x radioactive Sludge, you can craft the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap.
This means you will have travelled to Great Gnarled Tree to get the trap and craft it.
You can use this Mutated Venus Mouse Trap there if you want.
But once again, i prefer you farm up your gold in Moz.

Oh well. Before you know it, you'll hit Grandmaster.

————————~ ~o~ ~————————

————————~ ~o~ ~————————

Justin: Ninjas and Samurais and Assassins.
Welcome to the land of the tactical mice.
You'll see crafting in a whole new level at Grandmaster. Trust me.

You should be comfortably well-off from your stint in the Moz.
However, expect to blow your stash of gold soon.
We need a Tactical Trap for the mice in Furoma! And many crafting ingredients.
You'll need about 615,000 gold. Which you have, right?

Preparing Yourself
You should know by now that preparation is crucial.
It will save you alot of time to buy things ahead, so that cost of travel later is minimized.

If you were fortunate enough to get the Giant Speakers or 2010 trap from Ronza,
you may choose to skip the construction of the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap AND the Ambush.
The GS and 2010 are both estimated to perform better.
You should use the GS, 2010, and Magma Base all throughout Furoma instead.

Travel to Great Gnarled Tree via:

Mousoleum -> Great Gnarled Tree (2,857g)
Justin: You may or may not have been here. You may feel tempted to hunt for abit here.
Don't. We'll be back here later for quite abit with a better trap.
Your business now is to buy something and head out.

Buy the Venus Mouse Trap (VMT) - 299,650g

Power: 1,900
Power Type: Tactical

It's not very powerful..
Relax. We're smashing it and crafting a better one.

Use the Hunter's Hammer (on your Crafting page),
and smash your VMT, giving you 1x Venus Mouse Trap Husk.

Venus Mouse Trap Husk
(obtained by smashing your Venus Mouse Trap)

Craft your new weapon, the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap (MVMT).
This Formula only requires two ingredients:

  • 1X Venus Mouse Trap Husk        
  • 20X Radioactive Sludge      

Power: 2,300
Power Bonus: 15
Luck: 8

Wicked cool, right? Look what all that Sludge did to your weapon.
Return to ToG.

Buy about 500-650 Brie Cheese
(Don't worry about buying extra. You'll need it even at later levels. But watch your finances, don't go broke.)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~— - — - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Part A: The Training Grounds
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~— - — - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Travel to Training Grounds in Furoma Region via:

ToG -> Meadow -> Training Grounds (2,603g)

Welcome to the land of the Tactical Mice.
A place of study, the students that train along the northern
shore of the Burroughs River are indeed a worthy foe.


Current Setup:

           Mutated VMT     Dehydration Base    Brie Cheese           

There are a whole new bunch of tactical mice here in the Training Grounds
that you've never seen before, such as the Archer, Monk, Samurai, and Kung Fu Mouse.
However, you'll also find all of them commonly in the Dojo,
so hunting for them here is not necessary.

Mice-Collectors, take note!
To all you avid collectors who want to catch every single mouse:
There are some rare mice you may want to look
out for here. They are the Worker and the Nibbler.

The Worker mouse can only be caught in the Training Grounds and in the Dojo.
If you're really really lucky they may even drop the Ambush Blueprints.
The Nibbler Mouse can be caught here, but also in the Town of Gnawnia, Harbour,
 Great Gnarled Tree, Lagoon, and Town of Digby

These mice can be caught in the Training Grounds using SuperBrie+.
Be warned, though! It WILL NOT be easy! You'll likely catch a WHOLE bunch
of other mice before netting one of these. So be ready to camp and waste a lot of SB+.
We only recommend this if you absolutely must have them on your hunting profile page.

Okay, back to business.

Head over to the Training Grounds General Store, and pick up:

  • 15X Burroughs Salmon = 2,250 gold
  • 15X Nori = 75 gold
  • 3X Rice Paper = 660 gold
  • 20X Splintered Wood = 3,000 gold
  • 250X Curds & Whey = 2,500 gold

You will need all these, they are completely necessary!
Total cost: 8,485 gold
The Bazaar is another area back in Burroughs.
You need to get access to it by obtaining a Ticket to the Burroughs Bazaar from
either an Archer Mouse, Assassin Mouse, or Kung Fu Mouse.
As soon as you have it, rush over to the Bazaar back in Burroughs.
Time is of the essence.

Travel via this route:

Training Grounds -> Town of Gnawnia -> Meadow -> Bazaar (341g)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~— - — - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Part B: The Bazaar
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~— - — - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The organizers of the Bazaar used to travel abroad with a merchant companion named Ronza.
During their visit to the Burroughs region, these quirky folk felt right at home,
so much so that they decided to stay!
Their newly constructed shops are now known across the Kingdom for their strange inventory..

Strange inventory indeed.
You'll find items here that you'll never see elsewhere.
The Bazaar is also the only place with a Cartographer.

The moment you are at the Bazaar,
go to the Cartographer (under 'Shops' tab)

Map Repair.
submit your order for the Shredded Furoma Map Piece to be repaired.
This will cost 90,000 gold, and you will have to wait for 24 hours (approx.)
during this time you will be unable to go anywhere in Furoma.
Before leaving, visit the Bazaar General Store, and purchase:
  • 15X Invisi-Glu = 750 gold
  • 10X Ionized Salt = 4,500 gold
  • 15X Paint-Brand Paint = 1,800 gold
  • 15X Cheesy Fluffs = 1,200 gold
  • 8X Droid Parts = 62,000 gold
    (The droid parts are expensive - You may choose to buy this later if you have insufficient funds)
Total cost: 70,250 gold
Killing some Time.
Choose where you want to spend 24 hours hunting. You can either:
1) Head over to GGT to catch some more of those funky looking mice (and start collect Gnarled potions) OR
2) Head over to the Lab to collect more RB Pots (You'll need 'em in another area later)

           MVMT  Dehydration   Brie             
You can check your cartographer map repair progress at any time in the Shops tab.
Once the 24 hours is up and the map is repaired,
head back to the Bazaar and collect your Repaired Furoma Map.
Justin: Also pick up the crafting items here if you didn't get them earlier.

And then it's time to hunt in the Dojo.

Bazaar -> Dojo (1,190g)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~— - — - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Part C: The Dojo
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~— - — - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Where it really begins


The ground floor of the Furoma Pagoda is where students most frequently train.
Be cautious of your trap setup when hunting here as students are resistant to basic attacks.

The Pagoda of Furoma has three levels:
The Dojo, The Meditation Room, and the Pinnacle Chamber.

Trap setup remains the same:
      MVMT   Dehydration   Brie         

Your primary goal now is to obtain the ingredients to craft the
really powerful tactical weapon: Ambush.
I'll warn you quickly. It's a long and overwhelming task.


Its ingredients are:

  • 1X Ambush Trap Blueprints        
  • 1X Master's Seal      
  • 3X Rice Paper   
  • 5X Splintered Wood  
  • 8X Droid Parts      

Sounds easy?
It's not. Our first task: getting the Master's Seal.

Catching Students
Your first priority is to catch Student Mice.

Student Mice

There are 3 types of students, classed according to their respective schools:
The Cheese Claw, The Cheese Fang, & The Cheese Belt.
  Student Tokens
Each Student drops tokens of their own school.
thse tokens are then used to CRAFT special cheese
which will later attract their Masters in the Meditation Room.
The cheese are:

- Attracts: Master of the Cheese Claw
- 3x Token of the Cheese Claw + 1x Burroughs Salmon + 1x Nori + 3x Curds & Whey = 3x Susheese

- Attracts: Master of the Cheese Fang
- 3x Token of the Cheese Fang + 1x Paint-Brand Paint + 1x Splintered Wood + 5x Curds & Whey = 3x Combat

- Attracts: Master of the Cheese Belt
- 3x Token of the Cheese Belt + 1x Cheesy Fluffs + 1x Invisi-Glu + 7x Curds & Whey = 3x Glutter

Yes, so basically, the Students' tokens will be used to craft the cheese that
attracts their own Master. DUH!

Here's a really quick summary for those who still don't understand:
Brie to catch Students>who drop tokens that craft Susheese/Combat/Glutter to
catch Masters>who drop shards to (later) craft Rumble to catch Master of the Dojo.

!@#? Students are so TOUGH!?
Don't get too frustrated.
It does seem that one school is appears less than the other two.
THIS ISN'T TRUE! In the past, everyone claims to have trouble with one particular school.
Some say it's impossible to get Cheese Fangs and some others swear that Cheese Belts never come to their trap.
The truth is: they are all the same.
It is a game of chance. None of them are more difficult than the other.
It just seems that way sometimes. It's all in your head.
There is a way to attract more Students, though...
Introducing: Maki
Maki is a crafted cheese that increases the chance of attracting Student Mice to your trap.
Now, it doesn't mean it's easier to catch them. But it does mean more Students
will come to your trap than if you use Brie. However, the recipe doesn't come cheap!:
1X Nori + 3X Curds & Whey + 3X Magic Essence = 3X Maki
reminder: Magic Essence is obtained by Smashing SB+

That's an option for you. It's up to you! But all things considered, we did pretty okay with just Brie.
If you have SB+ to spare, and feel adventurous and feel like spending, then give it a try.

We know the whole Student thing can be pretty repetitive,
so we suggest you collect 3 of each student and immediately begin crafting the cheese.
Actually, you can travel to and fro the Dojo and
Meditation Room and hunt for Masters
as often as you like. (traveling is only 25g!)
You can even go with 3X cheese (e.g. Glutter) to try your luck. It's entirely up to you.

Mastering the Schools
If you're feeling adventurous have caught at least 3x of a Student, or craft 3x of a type of cheese-
then head to Meditation Room (MR) (25 gold), and try to catch ONE master from each school.


The second floor of the Pagoda is where the Masters of the three cheese schools meditate and study.
These Masters are far too wise to go for conventional bait.
Instead, a hunter will need to craft very specific bait in order attract each master.
Switch to the Explosive Base. You no longer have to worry about the stale effect because
of the high attraction rate of the three Master cheese.
  Bait your trap with Glutter, Combat, or Susheese.

MVMT   Explosive     ???

If you have caught one Master from one certain school, immediately stop & switch cheese.
All you need is ONE Master of EACH school for now.
Conserve your cheese for later on, where we will have a better weapon with a better catch rate.

Each Master will drop 1x Master Shard according to its school.

  • REPEAT    
REPEAT the Student/Cheese/Master process
UNTIL you have 1X Master Shard from EACH of the 3 schools.
(1x Master Claw Shard, 1x Master Fang Shard, 1x Master Belt Shard)

The Master's Seal
Combine 1X Master Claw Shard + 1X Master Fang Shard + 1X Master Belt Shard = 1X Master's Seal

The Master's Seal

And now you have your Master's Seal.
Pretty cool, eh?
Justin: I have a friend who got the Master's Seal by 15% Grandmaster. Pretty unbelievable.
And highly unlikely.

The Ambush Blueprints
Now to move on to the next ingredient we need for our Ambush weapon.
you will need to obtain the Ambush Blueprints.

They are dropped by:
1) Assassin Mice in the Dojo
(really tough)
2) Hapless Mice in the Meditation Room & Pinnacle Chamber
(ONLY the Hapless mice caugt in the Meditation Room and Pinnacle Chamber drop blueprints)
3) Worker Mice in Training Grounds & Dojo
(really really tough. ONLY catch-able by camping with SuperBrie+)

To get the blueprints fast, we would suggest heading over to
Pinnacle Chamber and camp there with Brie/SuperBrie+.
This seems to be the best way. A day or two should do the trick.

The Assassin
If you're lucky, you may have been able to net the Assassin mouse.

Assassin mouse
But they are pretty hard to catch.
Nothing's stopping you from trying, though.

A Tough Decision!!
Once you have the all the ingredients, here comes a really difficult question: whether to craft the Ambush now, or not.
You see, the Ambush formula uses 5 of your crafting tabs, one of which is a red crafting tab,
so THERE IS A CHANCE TO FAIL & lose ALL of your ingredients if you try to craft it at Grandmaster.
Think about it. That's alot of ingredients. and a fair abit of gold.

The Rule.
Our rule of thumb is that IF you have all the required ingredients BEFORE 50% Grandmaster, try crafting it.
IF NOT, wait until Legendary, where you can combine 5 items safely.
it's not THAT far away.

This is because if you fail before 50%, it wouldn't be so bad.
You would still have time to recollect the ingredients and do it by Legendary rank.

Otherwise, you may find yourself at Legendary without the Ambush.
This would be a waste of time, as the Ambush is highly recommended before proceeding
to catch more Masters and the Master of the Dojo, who is one tough boss.

Hunt Hunt Hunt
Whether you're already using Ambush or your trusty old MVMT,
Keep hunting & collecting tokens from students (& convert them into the respective cheese when you have 3).
You need them LATER to catch more Masters!

If you have the Ambush..
If you already have the Ambush, craft more Combat/Glutter/Susheese whenever you can
and head to the Meditation Room to catch more Masters.
Use the Explosive Base with your Ambush.
I recommend that you have farm at least 3X of each Master Shard.
If you don't..
IMPORTANT: Do NOT go to the Meditation Room again for more masters UNLESS you have Ambush.
There is no point. Why not hunt later with a better weapon?
Another Map Repair
If you find yourself with 160,000 gold spare, you can choose to head
back to the Bazaar cartographer & submit your Tattered Mousoleum Map
for repair as this one requires 5 days before you can collect it. You don't have to
do it immediately- just as long as it's repaired by the time you reach Legendary rank.

If you are really really bored with Furoma, you can travel over to the Great Gnarled Tree to hunt for Gnarled Cheese Curd Potions.
But i don't recommend it at this stage. Getting as many Student/Master Tokens will benefit you much more.

Level until Legendary.Patience is the key!
You can also try catching the Worker Mouse here in the Dojo with SB+ if you want.
(Don't worry about catching more Masters and the Master of the Dojo until you reach Legendary)
You need to craft a special cheese to catch the Master of the Dojo at Pinnacle Chamber. And this recipe requires you to be Legendary.

————————~ ~o~ ~————————

————————~ ~o~ ~————————

Justin: Legendary. Wow, that sounds pretty cool.
We've been through so much, huh.
Heads up. A huuge amount of content is now unlocked for you.
Legendary means you can travel almost anywhere, and do almost anything.
There's a whole bunch of stuff you get to (and have to) do.
So let's get straight to it.

Greetings, fellow Hunters.
If you have been following our guide so far,
you should be still be in Furoma.


If you still haven't crafted Ambush, now is the time.

  • CRAFT AMBUSH.        
As a Legendary you now have 6 crafting tabs and a 100%
success rate while crafting formulas that require 5 ingredients.
You should have all the Ambush ingredients by now:

  • 1X Ambush Blueprints
  • 1X Master's Seal
  • 3X Rice Paper
  • 5X Splintered Wood
  • 8X Droid Parts
If you don't: I'm sorry to say that you have to continue
farming for them. Click here to see how to get them.

Pop all the ingredients into your white crafting tabs,
(remember to adjust the appropriate amounts too)
smile to yourself, and click Combine items.

Power: 3,000
Luck: 12

(unless you already crafted it earlier as Grandmaster)

We will now attempt to catch the Master of the Dojo.
And end this whole Furoma business.

The Master of the Dojo is a really tough mouse.
Really, really tough.

Let's start preparing.

Head to the Meditation Room and equip Combat/Glutter/Susheese.
Pay attention.
This is one of the rare times of Mousehunt where you will have to constantly
be aware of the amount of cheese you have left.
Switch to the next Master Cheese when you run out.

Hunt until you have no Combat/Glutter/Susheese left.

The Royal Rumble.
The Master of the Dojo can only be caught with Rumble Cheese.
We will be crafting Rumble using the 3 piece recipe:
1X Ionized Salt + 1X Master Claw Shard + 1X Master Fang Shard + 1X Master Belt Shard + 20X Curds & Whey =
3X Rumble.

it's about damn time.

I don't have enough ingredients to craft Rumble!
Go back to the Dojo/Meditation room and continue to farm for Master Shards.
Catching Students and Masters will now be a little easier with your Ambush.
You may find yourself in this situation anyway, if the Master of the Dojo decides to play rough and redbox you continously.

Here's the whole Rumble ingredients farming method:
Location: Dojo
setup: Ambush+Explosive+Brie/Maki
Catch Students (and collect Student Tokens).

Use Tokens to Craft Susheese/Glutter/Combat.
recipes can be found here and here

Location: Meditation Room
arm: Susheese/Glutter/Combat
Catch Masters (and collect Master Shards).
Do NOT craft Master's Seal.
Use Shards to Craft Rumble. (3X piece Recipe)

*Ionized Salt and Curds & Whey
can be purchased from the
Burroughs Bazaar General Store

You may want to keep hunting until you finish up all your Maki/Susheese/Glutter/Combat.
Otherwise they will just sit in your inventory and go to waste.
You won't need them anywhere else other than Furoma.

When you're ready, climb upstairs to the Pinnacle Chamber. (25g)

The Chamber of Secrets.

Current Setup:

Ambush   Explosive   Rumble

Remember. The Master of the Dojo is:
  1. only found in the Pinnacle Chamber.
  2. only attracted to Rumble Cheese.
  3. so powerful that even with Ambush you only have
    about 18% chance of successfully catching him.

The Master of the Dojo
He isn't called the Master of the Dojo for nothing.
This guy trains all the Students and Masters from earlier, apparently.
He is supposed to be wicked strong.
Be prepared to face a ton of redboxes. You shouldn't have any trouble attracting them though.
(Justin: i only caught ONE Master of the Dojo with my 12 pieces of Rumble. I hope you guys are luckier than me.)

When you finally do catch him, you'll be thrilled.
He is worth a LOT of points and gold.
But most importantly, he drops important loot.

The Onyx Stone.
This piece of loot can ONLY be obtained by catching the Master of the Dojo
What is it for?
It is one of the ingredients used to craft your next weapon, the AcRoNym.

But more on that later.
Tuck your Onyx Stone safely into your inventory-

it's time to leave Furoma!

|                                i m p o r t a n t                               |

Choice: Bristle Woods or Whisker Woods;
We STRONGLY STRONGLY recommend Bristle Woods;
because you dont want to miss the Forgotten mice,
and you need all the gold and Scrap Metal from here-
There's no place you can earn gold faster than Bristle Woods.

But, if you ignore us and choose Whisker Woods


If you choose Bristle Woods
 There are a few things you need to do before you actually go to the Bristle Woods region.
In fact, you don't even have access to it yet.
Follow these steps:

Travel to the Burroughs Bazaar via:

Pinnacle Chamber -> ToG -> Meadow -> Bazaar (341g)

Repair your Tattered Mousoleum Map at the Cartographer.
This will cost you 160,000 gold.
And it takes 5 days to repair this time.

Okay listen up.
The Catacombs (our next area) is the home of the Forgotten Mice.
Like the Shadow mice previously in the Mousoleum, Forgotten
Mice in the Catacombs are attracted to Radioactive Blue Cheese.
That's right.
We need more RB potions.

Travel to the Laboratory via:

Bazaar -> Laboratory (2,983g)
No cheaper way this time

Collect at least 40X Radioactive Blue potions.

! Fortunately, we have a better weapon with us this time around.
You'll find that you'll get more catches and more potions within a shorter time.
After the long stretch in Furoma, hunting here with the Ambush will no doubt bring a sigh of relief.


      Ambush       Dehydration Base   Swiss OR Brie  

Equip your Ambush with your Dehydration Base.
Dehydration for the luck/loot effects for more potions.

Swiss or Brie?
You can choose. Swiss will attract slightly less mice,
but using Brie will cost you abit more.
it's entirely up to you.
If you're impatient and want to get the potions as fast as possible then go with Brie.

Remember: Collect at least 40X RB potions.

You can check your map repair progress at any time under Shops>Cartographer tab.
When the map is finished being repaired, and when you have at least 40X potions, head back to the Bazaar.

Lab -> Town of Gnawnia -> Meadow -> Bazaar (341g)

Collect YOUR repaired Map from the Cartographer.
Apparently now it's called the "Mousoleum Restoration Patch."
oooh. whatever.
Now you have access to the Catacombs in Bristle Woods!

Travel to the Catacombs in Bristle Woods via:

Bazaar -> Catacombs (1,169g)

bristle woods

Right beside the Mousoleum, lies the catacombs. The cursed ground has cracked open,
and only the bravest of Mousehunters descend the broken staircase into the cold, dark,
tomb of the Forgotten mice...

Don't ask me why there's a Trapsmith here. It didn't make sense to me too.
We'll be fighting Forgotten Mice, and an Arcane Weapon is very effective against them.
Immediately purchase your new Arcane Weapon, the Obelisk of Slumber, for 316,350 gold.

Obelisk of Slumber
Power: 2,100
Power Type: Arcane

Use your Radioactive Blue potions and convert your Brie into Radioactive Blue Cheese.
Once again, we recommend that you convert them little by little as you need them.
3 potions per conversion seems like a nice number.


 Obelisk of Slumber    Explosive      Radioactive Blue  

You should use the Explosive Base.
We need as much power as possible, and the 4 luck from the
Dehydration Base isn't worth the reduction in power.

    Note: The Catacombs is the single-most profitable area in the entire game, goldwise.
    Your Obelisk of Slumber will do okay here in the Catacombs.
    You will still see many red boxes, but you will still make a decent profit. Similar to the Mousoleum,
    the Forgotten Mice are difficult but rewarding. They are worth between 900 - 5,000 gold per catch.
    The generous Ravenous Zombie makes another appearance here.
    However, you'll really want to look out for Scavenger Mice, who drop important loot.
    More on that later.

    Ancient Cheese Curd Potions?
    Yes, Ancient Cheese Curd Potions. They are used to make Ancient Cheese,
    which are primarily used for the later areas in Bristle Woods.
    We'll tell you when you need them, okay? They aren't that important just yet.
    Map Piece!
    The Keeper Mouse in the Catacombs drops the Keeper's Candle, which allows you
    access to The Forbidden Grove (FG) and The Acolyte Realm (AR).

    Congrats if you get the Candle. However, we really really don't recommend you go there yet.
    You need a better weapon.
Mysterious Yielding..
Our first priority now is to collect gold and ingredients to craft a new weapon:
the Arcane Capturing Rod of Never Yielding Mystery. (AcRoNyM)
This is a really, really powerful Arcane weapon.
And in fact, it's the second most powerful weapon overall in Mousehunt:

Power: 3,800
Power Bonus: 12
Luck: 18

1700 more power than the Obelisk? Yes. And don't forget the 12% Power bonus.
Oh, and the 18 luck. Awesome right?
But it's gonna take a lot of work to get it.
We will need 5 ingredients. Thank God we're Legendary, eh?

Formula (recipe):
1X Mysterious Blueprints + 1X Obelisk Parts + 1X Onyx Stone + 3 Magic Essence + 12X Scrap Metal =
1X Acronym.

Getting the Ingredients for my Acronym
Okay, listen up.
One by one, okay?

                    1x Onyx Stone           Wait..that sounds familar.
If you have been following our guide so far, you will already have
the Onyx Stone from The Master of the Dojo from Furoma. Woooo! :)
Check your inventory. If you don't have it, scroll up to the Furoma section
on this page learn how to get it.

            1x Mysterious Blueprints      We need to collect 632,700 gold to buy this from
the Catacombs General Store.
That's right. These Blueprints don't drop from any mice. They are bought.

                   12x Scrap Metal          Okay, this one won't be so quick.
Scavenger Mice drop Scrap Metal.
But you can't choose how often they come to your trap.
Also, some drop as many as 3 pieces of Scrap Metal, and some drop none.
It's a game of chance, really. Be patient and keep sounding that horn.
They. will. come. They aren't uncommon.
Note: Scavenger Mice can be caught in the Catacombs and also in the Forbidden Grove.

                   3x Magic Essence         Magic Essence is obtained by smashing your Super|Brie+ (SB+) with the Hunter's Hammer.
You should have some SB+ from donations or the daily searches with the Mousehunt toolbar, right?
If you don't (WHY?!), quickly install the Mousehunt toolbar
and get 3x SB+ by conducting 9 valid searches.
More info on Super|Brie+ here.

x Obelisk Parts          Obelisk Parts are obtained by smashing your Obelisk of Slumber with the Hunter's Hammer.
That's right! This means you should only do this when you have all the other
ingredients of the Acronym
, and when you are ready to craft it.
It's okay. The Acronym completely replaces the Obelisk.

When you finally have all the ingredients, craft the Acronym.

new setup:

              Acronym         Dehydration     Radioactive Blue       

Equip your Acronym with the Dehydration Base.
Because the Acronym has an "Insanely Stale" cheese effect, and you don't want
more sludge at the moment just yet. You want catches and revenge. You want to wipe them Forgotten Mice out.
You also want to save 1.3 million in gold.

  • HUNT AND SAVE UP      
Hunt and save at least 1,300,000 gold.
It won't be too difficult with the Acronym.
NOTE: If you run out of RB cheese, run back to the Lab and destroy them with Acro/Deyhydration/Brie.
You will get RB potions faster than you can say Never-Yielding-Mystery
Why so much!?
You need this amount to buy materials to craft a Ship,
which is in reality your next Map Piece to your next area/region.

Collect another 18X Scrap Metal.
Again: it'll be easier this time with the Acronym (high luck)
They are also one of the ingredients for the Ship as mentioned.

The Forbidden Grove
This is a very unusual area. Listen very carefully to the explanation:
~>The Forbidden Grove opens and closes in X-hour intervals.
~>You can only travel there when it is open.
~>When it is closed it won't even appear on your travel page.
There is a very useful Forbidden Grove timer found here.
When it opens, it remains open for X hours- It then closes for X hours.
It opens again after that for X hours... and so on and so forth. It's a cycle.
(IMPORTANT UPDATE! The Mousehunt update on 11/08/2009 has made the Forbidden Grove open for 6-7 hrs!
The exact timing is unconfirmed as yet. The times are still being investigated. We'll let you know as soon as we do.)
The Forbidden Times
Here is the latest forum thread that is tracking the Forbidden Grove times:

                            i m p o r t a n t     
Teleporting to the Acolyte Realm
If you are inside the Forbidden Grove WHEN IT CLOSES,
you will be automatically teleported to the Acolyte Realm.
This is the ONLY way you can go to the Acolyte Realm.
The teleporting is not optionable.
The only way to prevent yourself from going to the Acolyte Realm is
to leave the Forbidden Grove before it closes. (Anywhere will do)
That is why it is important to keep track of its opening and closing time/duration.

If you travel to Forbidden Grove
At the end of the Catacombs, beyond heavy stone gates, lies a hidden hunting ground.
Etched into the gates is a warning: "Beware young soul, should the stone gates close
while within this grove, you will find yourself caught between realms."

Remember: You'll only be here for three hours.
(NEW UPDATE! The Mousehunt update on 11/08/2009 has made the Forbidden Grove open for 6-7 hrs.
This is unconfirmed as yet. The times are still being investigated. We'll let you know as soon as we do.)

You can actually still catch mice here using Radioactive Blue Cheese.
However, you'll find that your RB doesn't attract that well.
You see, the mice in the Forbidden Grove are especially attracted to Ancient Cheese.

Ancient Cheese

Hey, weren't there like, Ancient Cheese Curd Potions in my inventory?
Yes, but before you start converting, here's some important info you should know.
There are four ways of making Ancient Cheese:
Formula I: 3X Stale Cheese + 6X Ionized Salt = 3X Ancient Cheese (cost: 900g per piece)
Formula II: 3X Stale Cheese + 6X Ionized Salt + 3X Magic Essence = 6X Ancient Cheese (cost: 450g and ½ SB+ per piece)
Conversion I: use 1X Ancient Cheese Curd Potion to convert 3X Brie = 3X Ancient Cheese (cost: 2,100g per piece) <-inclusive of price of Brie
Conversion II: use 1X Ancient Cheese Curd Potion to convert 6X Super Brie = 6X Ancient Cheese (cost: 800g and 1x SB+ per piece)
Yeap, crafting the Ancient Cheese will cost you less than half the price than using Potions.
And finally, some use for all those stale cheese you had!
Additional ingredients:
Ionized Salt is purchased from the Bazaar General Store. Magic Essence is obtained by Smashing Super|Brie+

How to create more Stale CheeseRemember the cheddar I asked you to keep a long, long time ago during Apprentice?
Crafting Ancient will require Stale Cheese. There are several ways to farm Stale cheese, but here are some of the quicker ways:
1. Using the Acronym with Explosive Base baited with Cheddar or White Cheddar in Bristle Woods.
2. Using Sinister Portal with Explosive Base baited with Cheddar or White Cheddar anywhere outside of Gnawnia.
3. Using Mutated Venus Mouse Trap with Explosive Base baited with Cheddar or White Cheddar anywhere outside of Gnawnia.
Gathering stale cheese?
This weapon is your friend.

Alternative Ideas
Farming for stale cheese can sometimes feel like a waste of time.
An alternative is to continue farming for RB potions WHILE also creating some Stale cheese.
A friend of mine (hi, Kevin) suggested doing this:
He headed over to the Lab and armed himself with the Acronym and Target Base (to help with attraction) with White Cheddar.
Out of 10 hunts, he got something like 5x catches (hope for RB potions), 3x stale cheese, and 2x fail to attracts.
This may seem more beneficial to you.

When you have your Ancient, it's time to attack.

Trap setup:

   Acronym     Dehyd     Ancient     

You'll see alot of Golem Mice here.
Golem Mouse
They contribute nicely to your gold and progress.
——————————————————————————————NOTE: The Catacombs are still a better place to collect gold. The Forbidden Grove is less
profitable because of the cost of Ancient Cheese and the lower catch rates.
Occasionally, the mice here drop Runes. Runes are used to craft
Runic Cheese that we will be using later in the Acolyte Realm.

Mice Collectors!
Try to catch the four mice: the Gargoyle, Spectre, Gorgon, Reaper, and the Sorcerer (this is new!) Mouse.

The funky forgotten mice (also found in Acolyte Realm)

3 Hours..or..?
Make sure you keep track of how long you've been in the Forbidden Grove.
(NEW UPDATE! The mousehunt update on 11/08/2009 has made the Forbidden Grove open for 6-7 hrs.
This is unconfirmed as yet. The times are still being investigated. We'll let you know as soon as we do.)
  • If you feel like going back to the Catacombs or heading over
    to the Laboratory to farm some more RB potions, then quickly travel there before FG closes.
  • If you have some Ancient Cheese and/or some Runes (and some Ionized Salt),     
and you feel like heading over to the Acolyte Realm, then stay in the Forbidden Grove as it closes.
You will see this message:
"As the heavy stone gates of the hidden grove closed, the trees were engulfed in a thick, black fog.
The ground began to fade as I felt a cold shiver rush through my body. I awoke in a strange realm... "

and you will find yourself in the Acolyte Realm.

If you travel to the Acolyte Realm
Years ago in Bristle Woods, a MouseHunter by the name of Plankrun opened a
passageway to another realm. The passage was intended to act as an
elaborate one-way trap for Acolyte mice..

Most of the mice here are still attracted to Ancient Cheese.
However, to really attract the cool ones, you'll need Runic Cheese.

Runic Cheese
There are three ways:
Formula I: 1X Rune + 1X Stale Cheese + 3X Ionized Salt = 1X Runic Cheese (cost: 1,350g per piece)
Formula I: 1X Rune + 1X Stale Cheese + 3X Ionized Salt + 1X Magic Essence = 2X Runic Cheese (cost: 1,350g and 1x SB+ per piece)
new update! Conversion I: use 1X Runic Cheese Curd Potion to convert 3X Gouda = 3X Runic Cheese (u need to be Hero to do this)
new update! Conversion II: use 1X Runic Cheese Curd Potion to convert 6X Super|brie+ = 6X Runic Cheese (u need to be Hero to do this)

   Acronym     Dehyd       Runic      
  Ancient Cheese will still net you quite a few mice, but ony with Runic will you
have the chance of attracting the Wight, the Lich, and the Acolyte.


These Mice are ONLY found in the Acolyte Realm.
they are only attracted to Runic Cheese.

The Wight and the Lich are incredibly rare.
Even with Runic, you'll probably catch more Spectres and Gorgons instead.
Good luck trying to catch them before running out of Runic.

And the Acolyte?
It is still the single-most rare and elusive mouse in the entire game.
First, you have to be really lucky to even attract it. And when you do... is (currently) the only Arcane Type mouse, and only ONE known weapon works against it.
(Justin: They released the Ancient Box Trap on 11/08/2009... It's really difficult to craft and you need to be at least Hero rank)
Every other weapon used will produce the message:
"Your weapon was less effective against this mouse."

To catch the Acolyte
Equip your most powerful or your luckiest trap setup and cross your fingers.
(lucky Ronza Mousehunters can try the Chrome Deathbot or Partybot)
Realistically, though, you'll most likely run out of Runic before catching the Acolyte.
But if you really really want it, just keep coming back to the Acolyte Realm when you have more Runic cheese.
Or better, just save your Runic, and come back much much later with your Ancient Box Trap, the trap designed specifically for the Acolyte.

If you manage to catch the Acolyte Mouse,
CONGRATULATIONS! be sure to post your profile and catch in the forums. People love the Acolyte.


Don't forget!
Whether you're in the Catacombs, Forbidden Grove, or Acolyte Realm,
don't forget that your main purpose is to obtain at least 1.3million gold.
Of course, due to the expenses and lower catch rates of the Forbidden Grove and the Acolyte Realm,
the Catacombs is obviously the most profitable choice.
However, no matter what you're doing, be sure you have tons of fun
experimenting and catching the bunch of Forgotten Mice.

I can be your Hero?! baby?
Depending on your catch rates, you may already hit the Hero rank.
But it doesnt' really matter.
After you have about 1,300,000 gold:
(or at least 1,000,000 gold if you plan on earning the remainder in the Great Gnarled Tree)

Go to the Great Gnarled Tree in Whisker Woods;

whisker woods

Justin: Again, I hope you went to Bristle Woods before you came here.
You really need the gold collected from there to go beyond Whisker Woods.


You'll see alot of Eagle Owl mice here in the Great Gnarled Tree.
There are also alot of other Tactical mice roaming around.
You know what this means.

Ambush             Dehydration              Brie     

The Acronym does really badly against Tactical Mice. So Ambush is the way to go.
Dehydration Base because we need the luck for loot.
We'll be collecting Gnarled Cheese Curd Potions.

There are a few interesting mice here, namely the Tiger, Foxy, and Centaur mouse.

some of the Tactical Mice found in the Great Gnarled Tree

Running (of flying, maybe) around the Lagoon is the
Fairy Mouse who carries the Map to the Lagoon.

Fairy Mouse

Catching her will grant you access to the Lagoon,
the next area in Whisker Woods.

The mice in the Lagoon are attracted to Gnarled Cheese.
Gnarled Cheese

This cheese can only be converted using Gnarled Cheese Curd Potions.

Collect as many Gnarled Cheese Curd Potions as you can.
The drop rate is pretty low, so it can get quite frustrating.
As usual, patience is the key.

 The mice who drop the potions

Sick of the Tree?
If you have about 10X Gnarled Cheese Curd Potions, or
whenever you feel like it, you can travel to the Lagoon.


Convert your Gnarled Potions with Brie or SUPER|brie+.
Conversion I: use 1X Gnarled Cheese Curd Potion to convert 27X Super Brie = 27X Gnarled Cheese (cost: 1x SB+ per piece)
Conversion II: use 1X Gnarled Cheese Curd Potion to convert 7X Brie = 7X Gnarled Cheese (cost: 600 gold per piece) <-inclusive of price of Brie

Your trap setup here in the Lagoon varies with the mice you are planning to catch.
However, you will be using Gnarled Cheese.

They are as follows:

Equip your most powerful non-arcane physical-type weapon;
is better than is better than
(Digby Drillbot>NVMRC Force Field>Ambush)

If you have been following our guide exactly, you would not have the Digby Drillbot.
You can consider purchasing the Digby Drillbot (DDB) considering that the DDB does okay against Hydro type mice, even in the next area. (S.S Huntington II)
We will also need the DDB much later on to craft another weapon. However, take note that the DDB is not cheap, costing 404,340 gold.

Equip your most powerful overall weapon;
is better than is better than
(Acronym>Ambush>Digby Drillbot)

Equip your most powerful shadow/arcane weapon;
is better than is better than
(Acronym>Obelisk of Slumber>Sinister Portal)
you will see many red boxes because your trap will be weak against all the tactical mice in this area

Equip your most powerful tactical weapon;
is better than is better than
(Ambush>Mutated Venus Mouse Trap>Digby Drillbot)

Choose whichever base you feel comfortable with.

Of Science and Progress..
To gain access to the next area and regions, we will now need to craft a Ship.
This Ship is called the S.S. Huntington II.
For the first time, we will be "crafting our map piece", so to speak.

S.S. Huntington II formula:
900X Spintered Wood + 100X Rope + 70X Bolt of Cloth + 1X King's Reserve Bubbleh + 18X Scrap Metal + 1X Ship Blueprints

The Hydra Mouse lurks in the Lagoon.
The Hydra mouse is incredibly difficult to attract and catch.
That's not the worst part. When you finally do attract it, and finally do catch it:
It may not drop the Ship Blueprints.

Hydra Mouse

The Hydra Mouse is notoriously difficult and very very very frustrating!
I'll be honest with you.
There are many who actually quit Mousehunt while hunting the elusive Hydra.

Hydra Loot
Most of the Hydra mice also drop loot which are actually the ingredients for crafting your ship as well.
This will subtract your cost of purchasing them.
This is good. Because they aren't cheap.

  • ....OR BUY THEM.    
Wait a minute. ..Ship Blueprints?
Sound familar?
You sharper Mousehunters would probably have noticed that the Ship blueprints are actually for sale too!
You are quite right. The Ship Blueprints can be bought from the Catacombs General Store for 750,000 gold.

Ship Blueprints
750,000 gold

This is for you impatient folks who can afford it immediately.
Think about it. 750,000 gold? when you can get it as loot from the Hydra?

However, we discourage this!
Listen to our explanation.
You will be needing gold to purchase new expensive trap components (hydro!) as well as your other Ship ingredients.
The 1,300,000 gold we asked you to save up does not include the cost of the blueprints.
Only purchase the ship blueprints if:
You find yourself with alot of extra gold OR
You really aren't patient enough to camp and catch the Hydra with the Blueprints OR
You've been hunting the hydra for so long that your gold has actually accumulated OR
You immediately decide to collect 750,000 gold instead of hunting for the hydra.
This last option is actually usable, but it involves hunting in the catacombs for awhile,
then allows you to get the blueprints in a more predictable manner, timewise.
(Justin: I spent a week hunting the hydra, and in the end camped out the rest of the time in the catacombs and farmed 750k to buy the blueprints)

When you finally catch the one with the blueprints (this may take weeks, honestly) OR
you caved and bought it from the General Store-
You'll be ready to craft your Ship.

Before you do:
Make sure you have at least 1,300,000 gold.

Make sure you have at least 18X Scrap Metal.
Scrap Metal
Get them from the Hydra Mouse or Scavenger Mouse from Bristle Woods if you don't.

Buy 900X Spintered Wood (or as much as you need to have 900)
Buy 100X Rope (or as much as you need to have 100)
Buy 70X Bolt of Cloth (or as much as you need to make 70)
Buy 1X King's Reserve Bubbleh.

Breathe a little. I know your gold just took a hard hit.

If you're a Hero, just pop in all 6 ingredients and craft it in one go.
If you're Legendary you'll discover that you can fail at crafting the Ship,
which requires 6 ingredients! OH NOO..Cruel!
After all that hard work?!
There must be some other way!

and.....there is: some other way.
The developers must have been playing a joke.
Legendary Mousehunters can still craft the Ship safely.
Albeit, doing it in two steps:
First, craft the Unchristened Ship using this formula:
900X Spintered Wood + 100X Rope + 70X Bolt of Cloth + 18X Scrap Metal + 1X Ship Blueprints

This will give you an Unchristened Ship.

Unchristened Ship
It's bigger in real life.

Next, Craft the S.S Huntington II with this formula:
1X Unchristened Ship + 1X King's Reserve Bubbleh


And you can now travel to Rodentia.

Travel to S.S.Huntington II, Rodentia;

————————~ ~o~ ~————————
————————~ ~o~ ~————————

Justin: Ahoy, mousehunters!
All the hunting and failing and crafting and traveling have made you into a seasoned hunter.
You have encountered beasts of every kind: the physical, shadow, tactical, and even dark, forgotten mice.
Now as you travel aboard the S.S Huntington II into waters off the shore, be prepared to face all kinds of new advesaries.
We're not in Kansas anymore.

Finally, we got off that mainland...
It's time to catch a whole new bunch of mice!

Splish Splash.
Most of the mice found here are of the new power type: Hydro-Type.
So, a Hydro-type weapon will be very effective against them.
(Justin: once again, painfully obvious, but necessary to mention.)
Physical Weapons will have normal effectiveness against Hydro-type mice,
but every other power-type will be less effective against them.
Alas. There are some Tactical mice running about the ship too,
and you HAVE to catch one of them. More on that later.

So, buy your Hydro Type Weapon.
But keep in mind that it costs 664,000 gold.
See, we told you you needed that extra cash from Bristle Woods.
One is luckier, one is more powerful.

The Classic "Which Weapon should I Choose" moment.
Same old, same old.
Harpoon or Net Cannon, up to you.
However, Forums and Catch Rates indicate that the Harpoon has a slight advantage.
It doesn't really matter. Both cost 664k, and both can be smashed with your Hunter's Hammer
and then re-assembled into the other easily. Pretty cool, huh?
note: You can buy the hydro trap later instead if you are broke, and have the Digby Drillbot and Ambush:

Physical Traps are of Normal Effectiveness against Hydro type mice.
If you don't have the DDB, you can consider buying it now since you will have to buy it later anyway.

Why Ambush?
As mentioned, there are a few tactical mice in Rodentia as well. Hence the Ambush.
But beware! Tactical traps are weak against Hydro mice.

  • If you managed to get the wacky Kraken Chaos Trap from Ronza in October 2009,
it is definitely the trap to use. The Kraken Chaos is stronger AND luckier
than BOTH the hydro traps available on the ship.
  • If you have the Giant Speaker, you can use that as well. It's high luck may
just pull you through the ship if you refuse to purchase a hydro trap just yet.
  • You can also try the ship with the HitGrab Rockin Horse. I have NOT seen results with this yet,
but based on my imagination and calculations, it would do quite okay because of it's insanely high luck.
Also, remember that Physical traps have normal effectiveness against Hydro mice.
What these are based on.
You will want to use your Kraken or Speaker with either of these bases:
1. The Magma Base : To maximize your luck AND power, but at the cost of more stale cheese.
2. The Dehydration Base : a tradeoff on some power and luck, yet maintaining a decent setup with good cheese effect.
If you are attempting it with the Horsey, use the Magma Base.

Oh, you lucky Ronza users.
  • THE AQUA BASE?     
Okay, the Aqua Base is the luckiest non-Ronza base available at the moment.
However, it's a bit lacking in power, and isn't that cheap: It's 124,900 gold.
Aqua Base
Power: 230
Luck: 8

You can buy it later if you are really lacking the funds.
But if you have enough gold, buy the Aqua Base.
It can probably help you with your loot.

Don't bother buying it if you have the Magma Base. Unless you're a collector.

Some people claim Brie is too weak for Rodentia.
I think it does okay- Gnarled/SuperBrie will do much better, of course.
If you don't have enough of these, just use Brie.
You'll survive.
Your next map piece is, like the Ship, crafted. It is called the Navigation Kit.
However, the parts are quite simple to obtain.
Well, simple when compared to Hydra hunting, of course.
Formula: 1X Compass + 1X Telescope + 1X Sextant= 1X Ocean Navigation Kit
The ingredients are different loot dropped from three different mice

The Navigation Kit.
1. Get a Compass from a Bottled Mouse.
Compass from the Bottled Mouse

Equip your hydro trap to catch this guy. If you don't have a hydro trap yet,
equip your Digby Drillbot.

2. Get a Telescope from a Captain Mouse.
Telescope from the Captain Mouse
Now, it's important to note that the Captain Mouse a Tactical Mouse.
You may want to equip your Ambush if you're going after him.
Note: This guy is tougher. You may get bullied by the hydro mice while hunting for the Captain.

3. Get a Sextant from a Shipwrecked Mouse.
Sextant from the Shipwrecked Mouse

Like the Bottled Mouse, equip your hydro trap to catch the Shipwrecked Mouse.
If you don't have a hydro trap yet, you can hunt with your Digby Drillbot.

Keep hunting until you have all three parts.
Just pop the three items into your crafting tabs and click Combine.
This will craft the Ocean Navigation Kit.

Seems pretty simple, isn't it, after all the nonsense in the previous areas.
You can now travel to the infamous Tribal Isles.
*tribal drums start playing in background*

Mice Mice
Before leaving, you may want to try to catch the Cook Mouse using SUPER|Brie+
and the Shellder using... Brie/Gouda.
(Justin: the shellder is really quite hard to attract. I caught one with Brie, two with Gouda and 1 with SB.)

You may also want to just hang around until you have the Leviathan, Squeaken, and Mermaid.
(Justin: only do this if you have a hydro trap, otherwise you'll get bullied)
You can also wait until you have the Ancient Spear Gun before coming back to destroy the mice here.

Developers say that Rodentia will be expanded soon,
but we don't know how soon is soon.

When you feel you're ready, head to Cape Clawed.

Tribal Isles Guide
(coming soon)

————————~ ~o~ ~————————
  TRiBAL iSLes 
--Chapter I--

————————~ ~o~ ~————————

Justin: I looked through the Ocean Navigation Kit. I spied land! :)
My guess is that you've been on the SS Huntington II for a few days.
Be prepared for the whole motherload of new areas & mice; new traps, new cheese, and new gameplay.
Finish up whatever you need to do on the Ship, cause traveling back here won't be cheap.

Also say hello to Kevin Quah, my good friend and guest guidewriter.
He will be bringing you some awesome content. He's a seasoned hunter, and although quite cynical, fairly wise.

It's time, my friends, for the Tribal Isles.

—————————————————————————————Tribal Lore—————————————————————————————
You can skip this part if you don't like reading. But it has some useful info.
The story of the Tribes...
The mice of the Tribal Isles have divided themselves into three clans, or tribes.
They are the Nerg, the Elub, and the Derr.
The three tribes dwell in different areas on the Isles, each having their own
strengths and weaknesses.

The wise Elub mice roam the serene Elub Shores. They don themselves in blue garments,
and use the resources of the ocean to construct tools and shelter for a living. Capturing a member of the clever Elub Tribe
will surely provide a hunter with necessary experience and wisdom. Only Hydro Traps are found to be effective against them.
Curiously, hunters report that the Elub mice carry oddly-shaped shells, that seem to have a further purpose...
Read: All mice here in the Elub Shore are Hydro Type, and they give the highest amount of points out of the three tribes. They drop Seashells.

The powerful Derr mice walk a different path. These brutish, battle-hungry mice stand guard on the terrible Derr Dunes..
With red war-paint marking their face and bodies, and red attire throughout the tribe, these mice use their physical strength
to intimidate and then overpower their opponents. Only a trap of tremendous Physical power have been found to be effective in defeating them.
However, they Derr mice have been known to be highly rewarding once captured.
The cheese merchant in Cape Clawed once whispered of a rocky-hard cheese, that can only be made from tasty stones carried by a Derr Tribe mouse..
Read: All mice here in the Derr Dunes are Physical Type, and they give the highest amount of gold out of the three tribes. They drop Delicious Stones.

The grassy Nerg Plains are overrun by the Nerg Tribe. These scheming mice hide in the tall grass and ambush (lol!) their enemies
when they least expect it. Hunters are encouraged to use clever Tactics in order to be effective against the Nerg, who use green apparel and clothes
to camouflage with the grass. Their cunning knowledge and heavy pockets therefore provide hunters with a nice balance of experience and wealth if captured.
Hunters returning from the Plains tell of the Nerg Tribes curious interest in Vegetables, so much so that they even place some inside their cheese...
Read: All mice here in the Nerg Plains are Tactical Type, and they give ta balance of points and gold compared to the other tribes. They drop Savoury Vegetables.

The Terrible Storm
Legend has it that Cape Clawed was once attached to the mainland,
before a mighty storm washed away that massive piece of land.
Members of the three tribes, even some elders of each tribe, were then trapped. Although usually rivals, they
were now forced to work together to build a means of travel back to the mainland.
Cape Clawed, therefore, now acts as a meeting place where these elders of the tribes discuss diplomatic matters.
Read: The elder mice of each tribe are caught in Cape Clawed.

see? useful!

And..we're back to the walkthrough.

If you aren't there yet, set sail for Cape Clawed.

S.S. Huntington II -> Cape Clawed (1,603g)


Nice header, eh?
If you read the description, or our Tribal Lore section up there,
Cape Clawed appears to be a meeting place for the elders of each of the three tribes..
But we'll get to that later.
For now, you’re here to buy supplies.
  • Gou get da Cheese.      
Cape Clawed Cheese Shoppe
We're switching up to Gouda Cheese.
You may already have some from King's rewards, but
we're looking to stock up to at least 200-300 pieces of Gouda.
Keep your Brie. You may still need it.
Sell the rest. Gold is important.

Also take a quick look at the three unique cheese
that "can be collected in this region".
We'll be getting ingredients to craft each of these.

Cape Clawed General Store:
You'll immediately notice that there's a whole bunch of things for sale here.
The General Store sells a whole array of crafting items. Some of these will be ingredients
that will craft the three special cheese you saw in the cheese shoppe.
On Blueprints.
There are also FOUR sets of weapon blueprints for sale
These are the next four weapons you're going to get.

The recommended order:
1. Thorned Venus Mouse Trap
2. Ancient Spear Gun
3. Rhinobot
4. Ancient Box Trap

Based on their points-requirements, this is very likely the only order anyway.

Now, even if you can afford it (you probably can't)
don't buy all the blueprints at one go. We're going to aim for the Nerg Tribe and the
Thorned Venus Mouse Trap first.

On Tribes.
The neat thing about the three areas of the Tribal Isles is that
they each contain mice with a specific power-type.
Here they are once again, if you skipped our Tribal Lore section:
Nerg Plains: Tactical Mice
Elub Shore: Hydro Mice
Derr Dunes: Physical Mice
It is highly recommended that you use the correct power-type for each area,
as using any others will just waste your time, your energy, and your 600per-piece Gouda.

Purchase around:
30x Coconut Milk, 2x Salt, 180x Curds & Whey
awesome cheese crafting ingredients
if you can buy more, buy more.

½ price off.
If you don't have enough, just buy half of those amounts.
We can buy these again later anyway when we come back.
Yes, yes. we're coming back.

Don't bother the overcharging Trapsmith at the moment.
He's crazy.

  • SAIL AWAY.    
We won't be hunting in Cape Clawed just yet.
Instead, pack your bags and head over to the Nerg Plains via:

Cape Clawed -> Nerg Plains (1,322g)

The Tactical Nerg Tribe dwell here in the Nerg Plains.
Green is the colour, Tactical is their type.

Your Tactical Setup:
Ambush            Aqua Base            Gouda 

Ambush does fairly well.
If you haven't bought the Aqua Base yet, now may be a good time.
Based on catch rate estimates, the Aqua Base outperforms the Explosive and Dehydration.
The luck also helps with loot.
And we're looking for loot.
However, if you're completely broke, you'll survive with the Explosive Base.

Ronz R' Us
 Limited Edition Goodness
You can also swap out your components for the Giant Speaker/Magma Base / 2010 Blastoff
if you managed to buy any of them from Ronza. As a matter of fact, the Giant Speaker and 2010
does quite a bit better than the Ambush. Oh, you lucky Ronza hunters!

Gouda is recommended. Brie has painful attraction rates.
Use SuperBrie+ if you feel like spending, or if you want to avoid stale cheese
while using the Insanely Stale Magma Base.
SuperBrie increases your attraction rate by a whole whole lot,
resulting in more catches within a short time.
  • CATCH MICE.       
Start hunting and enjoy the pretty new mice.
Catch rate is pretty decent, with the usual good and bad stretches.
Here's some fair warning.
Attraction rate (even with Gouda) is not as high as you'd like it to be,
and you will still see grey and red boxes. This cannot be prevented.

Goal: The Construction of the Thorned Venus Mouse Trap
Remember the blueprints in the Cape's General Store?
The Thorned VMT is a powerful crafted tactical trap that can also be mutated into something...horrific.
But more on that later.

1X Thorned Mouse Trap Plans + 1X Venus Mouse Trap Husk + 1X Thorned Vine =
Thorned Venus Mouse Trap

We're gonna start gathering the ingredients for it.
Follow these steps:
You'll notice that most of the mice here drop a unique loot: Savoury Vegetables.
We're looking for at least 30x Savoury Vegetables.

- collect at least 30 -
Why the veggies?
They're not part of the formula!
Ok, ok. listen up.

CheeseLessons: Nerg edition
Savoury Vegetables are used to craft Gumbo cheese.
Gumbo cheese is used to:
1. Attract and catch the Grandfather mouse in Cape Clawed.
(This old fella drops the Thorned Vine, which is an ingredient for crafting the Thorned Venus Mouse Trap.)

2. Attract and catch the Defender, the Slayer, and the Nerg Chieftain in the Nerg Plains.
(They are only attracted to Gumbo cheese. You will only attract these three mice if you use Gumbo in the Nerg Plains)

*The Defender, Slayer, and Nerg Chieftain drop another important loot.
We will explain this later.

Once you have 30 (or more) Savoury Vegetables, craft your Gumbo with either of these recipes:

Formula I: 30X Savoury Vegetables + 90X Curds & Whey + 15X Coconut Milk + 1X Salt = 15X Gumbo
Formula II: 30X Savoury Vegetables + 90X Curds & Whey + 15X Coconut Milk + 1X Salt + 5X Magic Essence = 20X Gumbo

Equip your Gumbo and head over to Cape Clawed.
We will be going for the Grandfather Mouse first.

————————>>>  Travel! <<<————————
Location: Cape Clawed


Ambush             Aqua Base              Gumbo
(or, once again)
the imbalanced Ronza components

As always, it's a luck thing. Some people only need 5X Gumbo, while others take 100X
pieces before they nail the Grandfather with the Thorned Vine.
Just be patient and wait it out.

            Target:  Objective:    

  Grandfather Mouse  Thorned Vine

Out of cheese....
If you run out of Gumbo, repeat the steps of obtaining Savoury Vegetables and crafting more.
Hang in there. You're a patient, seasoned Mousehunter.
(Justin: It took Jonathan 4x pieces of Gumbo. It took me 33x pieces.)

Sooner or later, you'll catch that old fella.
After you do, head to the Cape General Store.

  • Cape Clawed General Store
    The Thorned Mouse Trap Plans costs 550,000 gold.
It's mighty expensive.
Will Ambush do, if I don't craft this trap?
While some claim that their Ambush took them all the way, others swear that the HVMT is the wiser choice.
It depends on how fortunate you are. You may save a ton of gold by skipping the HVMT,
but if you may also end up wasting a lot of time and wasted Gumbo because of failing catch rates.
On the other hand, you may get lucky and Ambush your way through.
The HVMT is a more reliable source, having good catch rates and helping you a
huge way along with your gold and progress in the long run.

Limited Edition goodness

As for hunters with the Giant Speaker or 2010, you can seriously consider skipping the HVMT.
Their amazing luck does really well too.

Once again, you decide.

If you decide to go with the HVMT
Cape Clawed General Store
We hope you have enough gold.
Buy the Thorned Mouse Trap Plans for 550,000 gold.
If you don't have that amount, you can either:

Head back to the Nerg Plains to slowly gain gold
(while farming for more Savoury Vegetables - we still need some)
You can head over to the Catacombs to collect gold more quickly.
You can head over to the Derr Dunes/Elub Shore.
(This is also slow)

Kevin: But do note that, even if you do manage to farm that much quicker in catacombs,
the whole process of catacombs-labs-catacombs is rather boring.
At this point in Tribal Isles, you are free to do what you please. 
Consider camping and farming in either Nerg Plains/Elub Shore/Derr Dunes.
The more savoury vegetables/seashells/delicious stone loots you have the better.
(Jungle of Dread is not very forgiving)

Whenever you can, get the plans.
It served you so well in Furoma, gulping down Archers and Student Mice
until you abandoned it for your powerful Ambush.
Say a teary-eyed goodbye to it, and Hunter-hammer-smash your Mutated Venus Mouse Trap.
This brutal act will produce 1X Venus Mouse Trap Husk.
1X Thorned Mouse Trap Plans + 1X Venus Mouse Trap Husk + 1X Thorned Vine =
THORNED Venus Mouse Trap
Power: 3,400
Power Type: Tactical
Power Bonus: 5
Attraction: 2
Luck: 14
Wait, there's more????
Yes. Once again, you can Sludge up your Thorned VMT and horrify it.
Smash your new Thorned VMT! and add 20X Radioactive Sludge to it:
1X Thorned Venus Mouse Trap Husk + 20X Radioactive Sludge =
HORRIFIC Venus Mouse Trap
Power: 3,400
Power Type: Tactical
Power Bonus: 12
Attraction: 1
Luck: 16

Whoa, it's quite abit more powerful than your Ambush, eh?
It's alive again!!!!!!!
You now have the most powerful Tactical weapon in the game. (for now)

————————>>>  Travel! <<<————————
Location: Nerg Plains

(And I hope you have some leftover Gumbo from this batch.)

New tactical setup:
HVMT                  Aqua                Gumbo

(or whatever is your strongest/luckiest Tactical Setup)

Awesome, isn't it.
The HVMT should improve your catch rates by quite abit,
and it actually helps you along alot in both gold and progress.
NOTE: 2010/Magma does really well too.

quickreminder: remember CheeseLessons: Nerg edition? (scroll up there)
Gumbo, when used in Nerg Plains, attracts only three Nerg mice:
The Slayer, The Defender, and their big daddy,The Nerg Chieftain.
Our new objective is to collect Pepper seeds, and the three Big Nerg fellas drop Yellow ones.
Yellow Pepper Seeds
- collect at least 30 -

We are aiming to collect at least 30, but more would really be better.

These are the Mice who drop them:
The Slayer, the Defender, and the Nerg Chieftain
This objective coincides with our previous one. While hunting the Yellow Pepper seeds,
also make sure you get your Ancient Ripped Blueprint from a Nerg Chieftain.
may drop the
Ancient Ripped Blueprint

It's not easy.
Is anything easy anymore, these days?
The Big three in the Nerg Plains will NOT be a walk in the park.
But having the HVMT will make it fairly reasonable and profitable. If you are using the Ambush,
it will be even tougher, but doable, if painful. Many of your Gumbo may go to waste.
Or you may be pretty lucky and get it really fast, like Jonathan.

Patience is the key.
The title says it all.
If you are out of Gumbo and still don't have enough seeds or the blueprint,
just switch back to Gouda and hunt Savoury Vegetables, and craft more Gumbo.

Once you have at least 30 yellow seeds, and one of the generous Nerg Chieftains decided
to drop an Ancient Ripped Blueprint for you, you're done with the green tactical Nerg.

..for now.

What is the Blueprint for?
Read the description. The blueprint is ripped.
It will be used to combine with another two pieces of looted blueprints, then with another store-bought blueprint,
before it becomes a single, complete blueprint.

Chill. More on that confusing crafting will be explained later.


Cheese up.
Check that you have enough Gouda.
Enough means around 150 to 200 pieces, at least.
(If you don't head over to the Cape Clawed cheese shoppe and stock up.)

Hit the beach.
Saunter over to the seaside. Go to Elub Shore directly.
There's no cheaper route.

Nerg Plains -> Elub Shore (1,000g)
(2,535g if you had to stop over at the Cape)

The aquatic Elub Tribe dwell here by the Elub Shore.
Blue is the colour, Hydro is their type.

Your Hydro Setup:
Harpoon            Aqua Base            Gouda 

Regarding your setup

If you bought the Net Cannon earlier, I recommend that you smash it.
(This produces 1x Launcher Parts).
Recraft them into the Harpoon Gun by simply plopping the Launcher Parts
into a crafting slot and hitting the "Combine Items" button.

Why? People have noticed better catch rates with the Harpoon.
And that's that.

We will be using the harpoon until we can craft the Ancient Spear Gun,
the most powerful hydro trap available in the game at the moment.

Ronz R' Us
  Limited Edition Goodness
Once again, if you managed to buy the Kraken Chaos from Ronza during October 2009,
use that with the Magma Base instead. It's much better than the Harpoon.
Oh, you lucky Ronza hunters!

Play around with your setup.
You can also go with the Aqua Base if you don't want any stale cheese at all.
No Ambush or Drillbot please.
Please be advised that while the Ambush/Digby Drillbot worked
on the ship, they will not work here in Elub.

  • CATCH MICE.     
Hunt the Elub faithful and watch your points bounce up.
They give huge amounts of points and progress.

Just like the Nerg, understand that catch rates will not be as good as you like.
Gouda can still fail to attract, and just like every area in the Isles,
you will have your fair share of good and bad streaks.
(Justin: I once caught 8 in a row then missed 6 in a row immediately after)
You'll notice that most of the mice here drop a unique loot: Seashells.
We're looking for at least 30x Seashells.
- collect at least 30 -
Why the seashells?
Ok, ok. listen up.
(sound familar?)

CheeseLessons: Elub edition
Seashells are used to craft Shell cheese.
Shell cheese is used to:
1. Attract and catch the Elder mouse in Cape Clawed.
(This old fella drops the Ancient Spear, which is an ingredient for crafting the Ancient Spear Gun.)

2. Attract and catch the Protector, the Champion, and the Elub Chieftain at Elub Shore.
(They are only attracted to Shell cheese. You will only attract these three mice if you use Shell at Elub Shore)

*The Protector, Champion, and Elub Chieftain drop another important loot.
We will explain this later.

Once you have 30 (or more) Seashells, craft your Shell cheese with either of these recipes:

Formula I: 30X Seashells + 60X Curds & Whey + 10X Coconut Milk + 40X Salt = 15X Shell cheese
Formula II: 30X Seashells + 60X Curds & Whey + 10X Coconut Milk + 40X Salt + 5X Magic Essence = 20X Shell cheese

Equip your Shell cheese and head over to Cape Clawed.
We will be going after the Elder Mouse now.

————————>>>  Travel! <<<————————
Location: Cape Clawed
We want this.
Use Shell cheese with your strongest hydro setup in Cape Clawed.
It may take a while, it may be instant.

____Kraken vs. Ancient Spear Gun_______
Take note that the Ancient Spear Gun is more powerful than the Kraken Chaos,
but you need to have bought the Harpoon/Net Cannon from the Ship, because
the formula requires Launcher Parts, which is only obtainable by smashing the Harpoon/Net Cannon.
    Craft the Ancient Spear Gun.         
The blueprints can be bought from the Cape Clawed General Store for 160,000 gold.
    Stick with the Kraken Chaos.       
Buying the hydro trap AND the blueprints will cost too much at the moment.
  • IF YOU HAVE BOTH       
Craft the Ancient Spear Gun if you have 160,000 spare gold lying around.
Also, you're mad and probably a collector.

————————>>>  Travel! <<<————————
Location: Elub Shore

Hydro setup:
ASG/Kraken       Aqua/Explosive          Shell       

(or whatever is your strongest/luckiest Hydro Setup)

Molten goodness

Once again, if you have the Magma Base, use it.

Versus the Big Three
The ASG is actually a great improvement over the Harpoon/Net Canon.
The Kraken is just as good (some people say it's better)
Justin: realistically, you want to save your Shell if you don't have the ASG or Kraken.

quickreminder: remember CheeseLessons: Elub edition? (scroll up there)
Shell, when used in Elub Shore, attracts only three Shell mice:
The Champion, The Protector, and their big daddy,The Elub Chieftain.
Our new objective is to collect Pepper seeds, and the three Big Elub fellas drop Blue ones.
Blue Pepper Seeds
- collect at least 30 -

We are aiming to collect at least 30, but more would really be better.

These are the Mice who drop them:
The Champion, the Protector, and the Elub Chieftain
Like before, this objective coincides with our previous one.
While hunting the Blue Pepper seeds,
also make sure you get your Ancient Ripped Blueprint from the Elub Chieftain.
may drop the
Ancient Frayed Blueprint

The title says it all.
If you are out of Shell and still don't have enough seeds or the blueprint,
just switch back to Gouda and hunt Seashells, and craft more Shell.

Once you have at least 30 blue pepper seeds, and one of the generous (and wise) Elub Chieftains decided
to drop an Ancient Frayed Blueprint for you, you're done with the blue hydro Elub.

Tuck the blueprints and seeds safely into your inventory.

It's time for the scary Derr.


Prepare for Derr. Cheese up.
Check that you have enough cheese.
Enough means around 150 to 200 pieces, at least.
(If you don't, head over to the Cape Clawed cheese shoppe and stock up.)

Special: Derr Choice of Cheese
Generally, Gouda is recommended.
Take note, however, that Brie can actually be used in Derr.
Excuse me?
The attraction rate of Brie almost matches Gouda, but at 1/3 the price.
Amazing, isn't it! Brie has about 12% less attraction, but only at 1/3 the price of Gouda.
The attraction rate isn't that much of a difference.
Make sure you get your Brie at ToG (200 pp), and not at Cape Clawed, where it's sold for 300 pp instead.
What about SuperBrie?
We do not recommend using SuperBrie+ in Derr if you do not have the Rhinobot or Partybot.

Hit the beach.
Hike up over to the dunes. Go to Derr Dunes directly.
There's no cheaper route.

Elub Shore -> Derr Dunes (1,000g)
(2,535g if you had to stop over at the Cape)



Kevin: Derr tribe stays in Derr Dunes (who else?)
Red physical barbarians.

Your Physical Setup:
Digby Drillbot     Aqua/Explosive       Gouda     

Ronz R' Us
You can also use HitGrab Rockin' Horsey / Magma Base if you managed to
As a matter of fact, some people boldly claim that
the HGRH/Magma does better than the DDB.
If you managed to get the Chrome Drillbot or Christmas Cracker Trap or Partybot from Ronza, please use those.
These traps will definitely outperform the DDB or Hitgrab Rockin Horsey.

quicktip: The Chrome Drillbot is predicted to outperform the Rhinobot.
In this case, if you have the Chrome Drillbot,
you may ignore further instructions on obtaining the Rhinobot.

quicktip2: The Christmas Cracker Trap can rival the performance the Rhinobot.
It's not as good as the Chrome Drillbot, but you may consider skipping the Rhinobot
if you really lack the funds.

Do remember though, that to craft the Rhinobot,
you would need the DDB as one of the crafting ingredients.
Justin: we DID mention that in Rodentia, remember?

Why Rhino?
The Rhinobot has the highest power for a Physical trap in the game.
It is also the best non-limited edition weapon you can obtain to use in Derr.

we already mentioned it up there, but quick recap:
Either Gouda or Brie.

Mix, match, and try.

The Strictly Forbidden

  • CATCH MICE.     
Let me quickly tell you: It will be very difficult!
Persevere here. Whichever trap setup you choose to go with, it won't be easy here.Red boxes, grey boxes, and failure to attract are normal and aplenty.
Derr is very infamous as the hardest and toughest tribe around.

Good news. The gold yield in Derr is fairly high,
and when you manage to get the Rhinobot later, it is
comparable (or even better?) than the awesome Catacombs.

  • HUNT FOR STONES.      
Similar to the previous two locations, the mice drop something called Delicious Stones.
We're looking for at least 30x.

- collect at least 30 -
(No, it's not a sponge, it's a stone.)

Same old, same old process.
CheeseLessons: Derr edition
Delicious stones are used to craft Crunchy cheese.
Crunchy cheese is used to:
1. Attract and catch the Aged mouse in Cape Clawed.
This donkey will drop the Rhino horn. (go figure what its for)

2. Attract and catch (yes, you’ve guess it!) the Guardian, the Galdiator, and the Derr Chieftain at Derr Dunes.
(They are only attracted to Crunchy cheese. By now, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know this)

*AND YES, the Gladiator, Guardian, and Derr Chieftain drop another important loot.
We will explain this later.

Once you have 30 (or more) Delicious Stones, craft your Crunchy cheese with either of these recipes:

Formula I: 30X Delicious Stones + 10X Curds & Whey + 20X Coconut Milk + 30X Salt = 15X Crunchy cheese
Formula II: 30X Delicious Stones + 10X Curds & Whey + 20X Coconut Milk + 30X Salt + 5X Magic Essence = 20X Crunchy cheese

Equip your Crunchy cheese and head over to Cape Clawed.
We will be going after the Aged Mouse now.

————————>>>  Travel to Cape Clawed <<<————————


The Aged Mouse and the Rhino Horn
Be patient. he may or may not drop it.

The Rhinobot.

Holy. Rhinosaurus.
The Rhinobot is the strongest physical weapon in the game.
It requires the purchase of the blueprints, which at 950,000 gold is the highest amount you have ever spent on a single item.
It also requires at least 16 million points.
It also looks ridiculously awesome.

The Construction of it:
1X Digby Drillbot Parts (break the drillbot into smithereens) + 1X Rhinobot Blueprints  + 1X  Rhino Horn + 24X Stale SuperBrie  = 1X Rhinobot
Some quick tips on obtaining your goal
How do I get SB+?
1. Donate via Paypal/Cherry Credits/etc. methods
2. Spent 8 days randomly searching using the Mousehunt Toolbar
3. Trade it from your friends in MH
4. Buy from the SB+ traders in the forums

How do I get Stale SB+?
1. Hunt in Catacombs/Acolyte Realm with Acronym/Magma and SB+ as bait.
2. Hunt anywhere outside Bristle Woods region with Runic cheese as bait.
3. Catch more Aged mice, they drop stale SB+
(but this wastes your Crunchy)

How do I get 950,000 gold ?
1. Hunt in Catacombs with Acronym/Magma and Radioactive Blue cheese as bait.
(this may require you to hunt in the Lab for more RB potions)
2. Hunt in Nerg with your strongest Tactical setup and Gouda as bait.

How to get 16,000,000 points ? 
1. Hunt in Elub shore with your most powerful Hydro setup and Gouda as bait.
(this is the most recommended route)
2. Hunt in
Catacombs with Acronym/Magma and Radioactive Blue cheese as bait.
(mice here have decent points too)

Can I do without the Rhinobot?
As mentioned earlier, if you have the Limited Edition PartyBot, Christmas Cracker Trap, or the Chrome Drillbot, yes!
If you don't have any of those, then no.
DDB and HGRH cannot survive the Big three in Derr, nor can it help you in the long run.
We know the Rhinobot is expensive, but the longer you stay in Derr, the more you will see how it will recuperate your gold.

Once you have crafted your

————————>>>  Travel back to Derr Dunes <<<————————

with new setup :  
Rhinobot       Explosive/Stone     Crunchy

You want to use either the Explosive or Stone Base to maximize the power of your Rhino.
Of course, if you have the Magma base, use it!!!!!!!
ridiculously good.

Hmm..Perhaps this is a good time to introduce the Tribal Base.

Tribal Base
Power: 175
Power Bonus: 18%
Attraction Bonus: 2%
Cheese Effect: Fresh

You could consider buying it if you have 500,000 gold and 14 million points
Coupled with the Rhino, your trap setup power will truly skyrocket.
Kevin: Imagine that the Magma is a cross breed between the Tribal Base + Aqua Base.
Just like Polar base is Explosive Base + Dehydration Base.
Justin: so basically, going with the Magma Base is maximizing your luck, and going with Tribal Base is maximizing your power.

  • Catch the Big Three in Derr       

    The Gladiator, The Guardian, and the Chieftain           

    Most of them should drop Red Pepper Seeds for you.        
    But it won't be easy at all.            
  • Collect Red Pepper Seeds.      
             30 of them, at least.                  
             But it won't be easy at all.                   
  • Get the Blueprints from Derr Chieftain.       
    (Ancient Mangled blueprints ).         
    But it won't be easy at all.           
Sound familiar? Well, Tribal isles is all about soak, wash, rinse. REPEAT!
Oh, having the Rhinobot reduces red boxes in Derr Dunes, not completely ends it.
Kevin: Looking at Justin’s Derr Dunes log, you may still red box quite a lot. 
Justin: This is true.        

Once you have at least 30 red pepper seeds, and one of the mad (and evil) Derr Chieftains decided
to drop an Ancient Mangled Blueprint for you, you're done with the red physical Derr for now.

Tuck the blueprints and seeds safely into your inventory,
and take a deep breath.

Cue the Jumanji music guys, we're heading to the Jungle of Dread!



————————~ ~o~ ~————————
  TRiBAL iSLes 
--Chapter II--

————————~ ~o~ ~————————

Justin: So you survived the Tribes! I bet Derr was really tough on your patience.
You have discovered the thrill and woes of hunting in the three Tribes.
You are now more experienced than ever.
Before we trek into the Jungle.. 
I hope you've collected the Pepper Seeds as we recommended.

If you have, and have at least hit Hero rank,
Here we go! The Jungle awaits.

And as always, it's preparation time.

Head over to Cape Clawed.

Derr/Nerg/Elub -> Cape Clawed (1,000g)

What is our objective now?Crafting this bad boy.
simple and effective
If this is your first time in the Jungle of Dread, the objective is to obtain the 6 different pieces
of loot that will make this Ancient Box Trap, our next wonderful weapon
that will eventually help you catch the Acolyte.

What is each Havarti for?
Each of the Havarti attracts a different mouse in the Jungle of Dread.
They are known as the Big Six.
Further details are discussed further down on this page.

How many of each of the materials?
Well it all depends on how much you want to craft.

Okay, formulas.
You need formulas.
Pay attention.

Sweet Havarti
6 Sweet Yellow Peppers + 6 Coconut Milk + 6 Salt + 18 Curds & Whey = 6 Sweet Havarti
Magical Havarti
6 Magical Blue Peppers + 2 Coconut Milk + 6 Salt + 18 Curds & Whey = 6 Magical Havarti
Crunchy Havarti
6 Crunchy Green Peppers + 4 Coconut Milk + 6 Salt + 18 Curds & Whey = 6 Crunchy Havarti
Pungent Havarti
6 Pungent Purple Peppers + 8 Coconut Milk + 6 Salt + 18 Curds & Whey = 6 Pungent Havarti
Creamy Havarti
6 Creamy Orange Peppers + 10 Coconut Milk + 6 Salt + 18 Curds & Whey = 6 Creamy Havarti
Spicy Havarti
6 Spicy Red Peppers + 12 Coconut Milk + 6 Salt + 18 Curds & Whey = 6 Spicy Havarti

  • PEPPER UP!   
Regarding Peppers
Read carefully. The following content can be pretty confusing.

Crafting Pepper Plants
For explanation purposes, let's call them regular peppers and hybrid peppers.

regular peppers
2 yellow pepper seeds + 1 plant pot = 1 yellow pepper plant
2 blue pepper seeds + 1 plant pot = 1 blue pepper plant
2 red pepper seeds + 1 plant pot = 1 red pepper plant

hybrid peppers
1 yellow pepper seed + 1 blue pepper seed + 1 plant pot = 1 crunchy green pepper plant
1 yellow pepper seed + 1 red pepper seed + 1 plant pot = 1 creamy orange pepper plant
1 red pepper seed + 1 blue pepper seed + 1 plant pot = 1 pungent purple pepper plant

Pepper Plants?
These are pepper PLANTS, NOT peppers.
(You use PEPPERS in making the havarti recipes, not plants)

Picking Peppers
You get peppers by PICKING the pepper plants.
After crafting a pepper plant, it appears in the Misc. tab of your inventory.

You have an option to Pick one or Pick All.
There is not much difference in picking one or picking all,
except for calculating the exact 6 pieces to craft 6 Havarti.

an example of a Sweet Yellow Pepper
Picking your pepper plant will randomly generate 1-5 peppers of that color.
It is completely random and there is nothing you can do to get more or less peppers from a pepper plant.

Craft and pick your pepper plants 1 or 2 at a time if you are making 6 pieces of Havarti.
You do not want to waste your pepper seeds and end up having more of one havarti than the other.

Example 1: You craft 2 Sweet Yellow Pepper Plants.
you pick your first Sweet Yellow Pepper Plant and get 2 Sweet Yellow Peppers;
then you pick your second Sweet Yellow Pepper Plant and get 5 Sweet Yellow Peppers;
then you have enough to craft 6 Sweet Havarti!
(Good example)

Example 2: You craft 5 Sweet Yellow Pepper Plants.
you pick your first Sweet Yellow Pepper Plant and get 5 Sweet Yellow Peppers;
then you pick your second Sweet Yellow Pepper Plant and get 4 Sweet Yellow Peppers;
you have enough to craft 6 Sweet Havarti, but you have 3 extra Sweet Yellow Pepper plants in your inventory.
You could have used those Yellow Pepper Seeds to craft Orange or Green Pepper plants. (hybrid peppers)
(Bad example)

Each Havarti attracts only 1 of the mouse in the Jungle of Dread.
We are trying to get 1 piece of loot from each of the 6 Jungle mice.
Some of them may take you 3 pieces of Havarti, and others may take you 18 pieces.
You need to see which type of pepper plant to craft before crafting all at once.

Make sure you understand what we've just said.
You may have to read a few times to let it sink in.

  • TRAP UP.       
What trap?
In case you don't know, or we haven't mentioned it, The mice in the Jungle of Dread are Shadow Type.
And, like the other areas of the Isles, only Shadow Type weapons will be effective against them.
(The Acronym will not work at all at all at all)

Please be warned that the Jungle of Dread is ridiculously difficult, even with the right setups.
Even more so than Derr.
If you think hard enough, and search your memory...
long long ago, you used a trap called the portal..
Your three options.
1. Sinister Portal (cost: $0)
If you desperately want to move on in the game, you can use the Sinister Portal to
catch each of the six mice who drops their Ancient Box Trap part.
It is pretty painful, but absolutely doable.
If you are horribly unlucky, you may, however, find that your 30 pepper seeds isn't enough.

2. Bottomless Grave (cost: $673,630)
If you have that amount of gold, and you are willing to spend to get a slightly better catch rate in the Jungle,
then you can purchase this weapon from the Cape Clawed Trapsmith.

3. Clockapult of Time (cost: $2,700,000)
If you have all the time and gold in the world, you can save up gold and points and buy this weapon.
This is the best weapon for the Jungle of Dread. Be warned that the Jungle will still be insanely hard, and your catch rate will be nowhere near good.
However, the longer you plan on hunting in the Jungle, the more you will see results. This trap is mainly used for farming fire salt,
or for people who find themselves enterring the Jungle with excessive gold and points.
Take note that this option will probably require lots of time.

fast run
To simply collect the six pieces of loot and run out of JoD, I personally recommend option 1.
patient run
Option 2 and 3 are viable, and makes sense if you want to go with the slow and patient approach,
meaning you want to collect that amount of gold to buy the trap, mass collect many seeds,
craft many havarti, and go in with a better trap.

When you're ready, move on to the next section.


Trap Setup

Sinister Portal or Ambrosial Portal

Bottomless Grave or Clockapult of Time


  • Portal or Bottomless Grave users: Craft your cheese.    
If you're using the Portal or BG trap, craft ONE batch of EACH havarti.
That's right. 6 pieces of EACH havarti.


CheeseLessons: Dread edition

  • Sweet Havarti will attract the Primal Mouse.      
    It drops the Ethereal Rope.     
  • Magical Havarti will attract the Stonework Warrior Mouse.   
    It drops the Engraved Stone Slab.   
  • Crunchy Havarti will attract the Fetid Swamp Mouse.  
    It drops the Hinge of Eternity.   
  • Pungent Havarti attracts the Chitinous Mouse.  
    It drops the Timeless Mystic Gem.   
  • Creamy Havarti attracts the Jurassic Mouse.  
    It drops the Ancient Relic Staff.   

  • Spicy Havarti attracts the Magma Carrier Mouse.  
    It drops the Encrusted Metal of Time.   
  • Hunt the Big Six.
  • Get the loot from the Jungle Mice.
Once you get the loot from one mouse, I suggest you swap Havarti cheese and try for the next loot.
This is because you may want to save your Havarti until you get the Clockapult of Time.

Fire Salt?
This is a really important loot from the Jungle of Dread mice.
what fire salt looks like

It is used to craft Inferno Havarti, which will be used in the next area.
It is recommended that you farm for Fire Salt only when you are using the Bottomless Grave or the Clockapult.
Sinister Portal users should just save their Havarti for Fire Salt farming with a better trap.

Clockapult users
If you are already using the Clockapult, go ahead and use up your Havarti.
You are already using the best weapon for the Jungle.

If you don't have the Clockapult, you may seriously want to consider saving up for it while collecting seeds.
Because in the long (long) run, farming for fire salts will be more productive while using the Clock.

Coming up next
The Dracano Guide
and dragon hunting we will go.

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